Random Bruise On Cheek

Random Bruise On Cheek Random bruising may indicate an underlying health problem. Most bruises are nothing to worry about and will heal within a couple of weeks. They can vary in color, and skin color may affect the appearance of a bruise. Learn more about what the colors of a bruise mean here. Learn more … Read more

Bruised Sternum Symptoms

Bruised Sternum Symptoms Symptoms of a bruised sternum Symptoms include pain on the breastbone following impact. he patient will feel tenderness at the front of the chest over the bone and breathing may be painful. Coughing and sneezing are also likely to reproduce pain and bruising may appear later. Why Does My Sternum Feel Sore … Read more

Internal Bruising Stomach

Why Do I Have Random Bruises On My Stomach? Clotting problems can also be an acquired condition, as in the case of cirrhosis of the liver. Leukemia, von Willebrand disease, and other platelet disorders also make people more likely to have bruises for no reason, while bruising around the belly button may indicate pancreatitis, an … Read more

Bruised Sternum From Working Out

Bruised Sternum From Working Out Due to the involvement of the chest in most physical exercises, a bruised sternum hampers working out and participation in sports. Causes of Bruised Sternum In car accidents, if one is wearing the seatbelt it may be the cause of the injury as seat belt tries to stop driver or … Read more

Internal Bleeding Bruise Stomach

Internal Bleeding Bruise Stomach Internal bleeding: What you need to know Symptoms. Internal bleeding may cause a bruise to appear at the affected site. Causes. Injury or trauma may cause a hemorrhage. Diagnosis. Computed tomography (CT) may be used to diagnose internal bleeding accurately and identify the extent of the hemorrhage. Treatment. Complications. When to … Read more

Bruised Sternum Treatment

Bruised Sternum Treatment Treatments for a Bruised Sternum Acetaminophen: Acetaminophen is a generic name for over-the-counter (OTC) brands such as Tylenol, Robitussin, Nyquil, Panadol, Sinutab, etc. Aspirin: Aspirin on the other hand is available in many brands. Mefenamic acid: Mefenamic acid meanwhile, can be taken in the form of capsules under the brand name Ponstel. … Read more

Bruised Sternum Cause

Bruised Sternum Cause The following are three of the most common causes associated with a bruised or cracked sternum: Car Accident A bruised sternum can result from car accidents in which the drivers fail to wear seat belts, because… Hacking Cough A hacking or whooping cough can be so violent that it can bruise the … Read more

Bruised Sternum Madden

What Happens If You Have A Bruised Sternum? Bruised Sternum. The sternum can be fractured in a blunt chest injury, or it can simply be bruised. This type of injury, while less severe than a myocardial or pulmonary contusion, is painful and can compromise one’s ability to take a full, deep breath. This can lead … Read more

My Sternum Feels Bruised

My Sternum Feels Bruised The main symptom of a bruised sternum is intense pain that often gets worse when you breathe, cough, or rotate your torso. Other symptoms of a bruised sternum include: What causes it? A bruised sternum is almost always the result of a traumatic blow to the chest or breastbone area. This … Read more

Internal Bruising Kidney

Internal Bruising Kidney A kidney contusion, often called a kidney bruise, occurs following blunt trauma or direct impact to the lower back. This trauma leads to bleeding inside of the kidney. It may also cause pain, tenderness, and discoloration of the skin. Your back muscles and rib cage protect your kidneys. What Is The Recovery … Read more