Badly Bruised Wrist And Hand

Bruised wrist

How Can I Treat A Bruised Wrist?

An ice pack, which can help with a bruised wrist. A sling may be required to treat a wrist injury. A wrist brace may be used to reduce the range of motion in the wrist.

What Happens When You Sprain Your Wrist?

In a mild wrist sprain, your wrist may be slightly swollen and tender, and you probably will feel some mild pain when you move it. In more severe sprains, swelling can change the shape of your wrist, and you may have some bruising (a black-and-blue skin discoloration).

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How To Look After A Sprained Wrist?

Part 1 of 3: Looking After a Mildly Sprained Wrist Rest your wrist and be patient. Minor wrist sprains are often caused by repetitive tasks or hyperextending the joint by falling on an outstretched hand. Ice your sprained wrist. The application of ice is an effective treatment for essentially all minor musculoskeletal injuries, including wrist sprains. … Use a basic wrist support. … More items…

What Should I Do If I Have A Bruise On My Hand?

A model of a human hand. A bruised hand is generally treated with anti-inflammatory medications and rest. As soon as the injury occurs, ice should be applied to the affected area, though ice should not be applied directly to the skin because tissue injury or an ice burn can occur.

What To Do If You Have A Broken Wrist?

It is so important because if the broken tissues spread, your bruised wrist can be worse. Then, the words ā€œIā€ stands for Ice. Here, you will use some ice cubes to reduce the pain and the swelling. Using a plastic wrap is a good idea if you are going to compress the bruised wrist with ice cubes. You can do this way in 10 ā€“ 20 minutes a day.

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How Often Should You Put Ice On A Bruised Wrist?

Ice should be left on for approximately 20 minutes before being removed, and can be placed on the bruised wrist at least three times a day. After the first few days following injury, a warm compress may provide pain relief.

How To Treat A Mild Wrist Sprain At Home?

At home, you can treat a mild wrist sprain with the RICE method: Rest. Avoid using your wrist for 48 hours. Try not to do activities that involve your wrist, like writing with a pen. Ice. Apply an ice pack for 20 minutes, two or three times each day. Never use ice without wrapping it first, as this can damage your skin. Compression.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Wrist Sprain?

For non-surgical wrist sprain, recovery usually takes a short time (about 1 to 2 weeks). However, recovery following surgery can take about 8 to 12 weeks or months (6 to 12 months) for a full recovery. Most wrist sprains have a positive prognosis.

What Can A Doctor Do For A Sprained Wrist?

On evaluating the sprain, the doctor may advise using a cast for some days. A course of exercises that improve flexibility and strength may be prescribed to rehabilitate the wrist. Surgery may be necessary if there is a major ligament tear.

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How Do I Know If I've Sprained My Wrist?

If there is persistent pain then you may have a sprained wrist. Examine your wrist for swelling, bruising or discolouration. If you sprained your wrist, you may see these symptoms. Feel the skin on your wrist. If it is warm you may have sprained your wrist.

What To Do If You Sprain Your Wrist?

Sprained Wrist Treatment. Most wrist sprains will heal on their own over time. To treat a sprain, wrap your wrist, rest it for at least 48 hours, and apply an ice pack every few hours for 20 minutes at a time. Over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen also can help.

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