Black Eye: The Cause, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Black eye is also called shiner. This condition may occur when the tissues around the eyes collected fluids after certain injury near the eye.

In technical term, this condition is discoloration or simply a bruise caused by blood vessels that got broken right under the skin surface near the eye. Just like any other bruise, the swelling may be the company of discoloration.

This condition can also be caused by the blunt force trauma which is an injury from non-penetrating type caused by certain impact, similar to other bruises on other body part. But it can be caused by other factors as well.

Your eyes are the wonderful gift. It is important to maintain the health of it so you can see clearly. Since it is usually the result of certain accident that somehow the object struck the eye or area around it, you really need to be careful after all.

The accident may happen due to various reasons like playing tennis and many more.

If you recently have cosmetic surgery on the eye then it may also be the other reason. Nasal surgery and sinus infections can be the next other factor that may lead to black eye. This condition can also come from the unexpected things like tooth infection and dental work.

This condition can be pretty severe when there is serious infection around your eyes called cellulitis. Fracture in your skull due to accident like crashed car or work accident may be the other reason as well.

What Is Black Eye?

If you go to the doctor or seek for medical help, they will call it periorbital hematoma as the clinical term of this situation. It seems like the clinical term is kind of difficult to pronounce but actually it accurately describes the black discoloration around your eye.

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The condition is basically caused by tissues around your eye that caught a few amount of blood or hematoma on the preorbital or precisely your eye.

What makes the small blood vessels became damage is the blunt force trauma from any kind. Since it is located under the skin, it will leak and eventually develop to the discoloration around skin of your eye or shiner.

For your information, the facial skin that wraps the area around your eyes is relatively transparent due to its thickness. So, even though there is only the slight pooling caused by blood can lead to discoloration that is really noticeable.

Besides, since the tissues located in this area are pretty loose then the leak of fluid from the blood vessels in this area may accumulate so easily around the eye. The result is a swelling black eye.

You need to be more careful about your eyes.

How to Cover Bruised Eye?

There are several simple steps you can try in order to cover or hiding the bruise. Anyway, it will not look good on you if you just leave it like that. So, other than doing the medical and natural treatment of black eye, you can also try to apply makeup to cover the discoloration.

You will need greenĀ  concealer. It can help to reduce the appearance of bruising that looks reddish. You can make a thin coat on the bruise area with your fingertips and please do that gently.

Then you can put the foundation on it and then also the translucent powder.

If the bruise is kind of black or blue, you can apply a yellow concealer on the bruise. After that you can apply concealer, foundation and also the translucent powder.

But if the bruise appears to be yellow, you should use pink concealer. It will reduce the yellow look from the bruise. After that, you can put concealer, foundation and translucent powder to create a perfect look on your face.

Black eye should have not made you look not great. Different bruise colors need different concealer.

How to Treat Bruised Eye?

Well, sometime the discoloration on the area around your eye can be harmless. However, it is still important to see the eye doctor in order to make sure what happens to your eye.

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The doctor will also examine you before giving the right prescription or suggesting other treatments. In order to measure about the severity of the bruise, you can take a look for several symptoms I will write down below.

If you get one from the list then you better find a medical help.

  • If there is blood inside your eye
  • If there is the flow of blood in your nose or ear
  • Consciousness loss, fainting, dizziness
  • Vision changes like the existences of floaters or flashes, vision loss, double vision, blurry vision
  • Nausea and vomit
  • Hard to move the eye
  • Lethargy or changes in behavior
  • Severe pain
  • Discoloration around the both eyes
  • Severe headache
  • Symptoms of infections
  • Unexplained swelling

If the black eye thing is just a minor injury, you can try to put cold compress on the injury as soon as possible. You can also try with the frozen peas in a bag since it works better than ice cubes.

Besides, the frozen peas will conform to your face easily. Another way is by putting a spoon made of metal in the refrigerator.

After that, put the back of the spoon on the bruised area gently. I will not suggest you to put the raw meat on your eye, considering it can increase the infection risk significantly.

How to Get Rid of a Black Eye?

The cold compress is really working. You can put it for about 20 minutes on it and then you can do that continuously.

It will help to constrict the blood vessels as well as reducing the swelling. If the minor pain exists then you can put the analgesic like Tylenol.

You are not allowed to consume aspirin because it will definitely make your blood thinner. Other than that, it makes the worse impact on your black eye eventually.

Usually, it will disappear after a couple of weeks. But during the healing periods, you will need to protect your eye from anything that could worsen the condition.

You may be asked for avoiding any kind of activity that can make the injury becomes worse. The color of black will also change into blue, purple, yellow or green due to the healing process. And there is no a magic spell to take away those bruises anyway.

Besides the cold and warm compress on the eye for a week, you will need a gentle massage surround the discoloration. The massage will help to promote the lymphatic system activation that will speed up the process of healing.

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Pineapple is a good snack. It contains important enzymes that could help to reduce inflammation. And you need to consume a lot of vitamin C because it helps to strengthen the blood vessels as well as the ease the leak tendency due to blunt force trauma.

How Long Does a Black Eye Last?

It actually depends on how you treat the black eye. If it is not too serious and you immediately put a cold compress on your injury then it might take a week or two.

But it also needs to be accompanied with other effort like eating healthy especially vitamin C and applying prescribed drugs from doctor. Anyway, no matter how severe it is, you will get better medical treatment if you see the doctor.

Or you can also take some painkiller drugs like ibuprofen or Tylenol. You are not suggested to take aspirin because it makes the bleeding worse.

And if you did that then you need longer time to heal the condition. Other than that, raw meat is not good because it contains bacteria.

As I have said earlier, you can eat pineapple and papaya in order to fasten the healing process. They both contain good antioxidant that will be needed by discoloration skin.

How to Get Rid of Bruises Under Eyes?

Well, there are several ways you can do to get rid of bruise under your eyes. Besides, you can also reduce the risk of getting one.

It is important to always use the safety glasses or the eyewear for sport or even the headgear to protect your head as well as wearing the face shield if you are currently doing something hazardous.

Other than that, it is important to wear seatbelt when you are driving your car in case there will be accident in front of you. As I have said earlier, accident can be caused by simple things like walking.

So, you can start by clearing up your house from the pathway so you will not step on it and then injure your eyes. You can also take the extract of bilberry since it contains a lot of important antioxidant that helps a lot in reducing the bruise and eliminating the swelling.

Besides, the vitamin C in it may help to put some strength on your capillaries so you can get rid quickly from black eye.