What Does Bruise on Breast Mean?

Have you ever heard about bruise on the breast before? This is a condition when the capillaries on the surface of the skin is broken because of the injury.

The tissues of our body will produce the bruises when the breast get the injury. The bruises that appears might be different one to each others.

Many aspects can cause the bruise on our breast. How can we detect about the bruise on the breast?

Well, many people might not realize if they have a bruise on the breast . They never pay attention to its details.

The bruise on the breast might be the dangerous sign for any kind of disease. You have to detect about the signs from the earlier.

The bruise is even signed through the discoloration. From the different colour that come out on our injury, it can show the details which cause the bruise.

If your breast skin is turning to yellow, it shows that there is an injury on your breast. Then if the color of the bruise on the breast is red, it means that there are big amount of iron and oxygen in your hemoglobin.

Then, if there is no iron and oxygen in our hemoglobin, the bruise color is turning to the shades of purple and blue. The green bruise signs that you have the biliverdin which indicates that you have had the injury for some days.

When your biliverdin has broken down, it will produces bilirubin and impact to your bruise colors into yellow tint.

What Causes Bruise on Breast?

There are some reasons why there is a bruise on the breast. First, the main causes of the bruises in our breast is because of the injury.

People might get the injury on the breast surface because of the common accidents. They might get bumped on the edge of the chair or table.

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They might crash on the door, cupboard and any other things which can cause damage and pain on the breast side. It can leave the bruise on the people breast.

People who ever fall or get the accident might get the high risk of this bruise, especially for the one who get bumped on the breast area.

Second, the breastfeeding mother has the big risk of the bruise on their breast. If people squeeze the breast too hard before putting the breast inside the baby’s mouth, it will leave the bruise.

Then, if people set the breast pump incorrectly, it will cause the bruise. Too strong and too fast pumping on your breast might give the big risk of bruise.

So, it is better to pay more attention and do it slowly when you want to feed your baby.

Third, getting the bruise after the surgery might become something common. There is body tissue which is cut by the doctor, then it cause the damage on the blood vessel.

As a result, this condition can impact to your breast area. It will leave the bruise into your breast, but it will reduce slowly after you get the right medication.

What Cause Unexplained Bruises on Breasts?

The unexplained bruises cause mean the minor cause of the bruise that happened on the breast. The unexplained bruise might be something which is more dangerous to our body.

It can be the sign for the serious problem for the one who get unexplained bruise. The cause of the unexplained bruise can be something which you never notice before.

Then, suddenly, you get and see the appearance of the bruise on your breast. There are some of the causes of the unexplained bruises that you might not detect before.

First, injuries which is caused by running can be the cause of unexplained bruise. This kind of activity can make the damage in the blood vessel and cause the unexplained bruise.

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Second, sunburn can be the cause that you never imagine before. The ultraviolet can cause the damage into your skin and leave the bruise.

Third, medicine can be the cause of unexplained bruise. Some pills can cause the blood vessel inflammation which influence to the blood to leak out and cause the bruise.

Fourth, aging is also one of the unexplained bruise causes. The process of skin aging can impact to the ability in producing collagen.

So, it might cause the damage on the blood vessel and result in bruise.

Is a Bruise on the Breast a Sign of Cancer?

Many people are so curious whether the bruise that they can find on their breast can be one of signs of cancer. Some of them are so worried about this condition, they are so afraid to get the breast cancer.

Discoloration of the skin might become one of the symptoms of the breast cancer. The bruise of the breast cancer is colored red and pink.

People don’t need to be too worry, but they have to be alert about this sign. The bruise on the breast cannot be decided as the thing to show cancer.

To get more details information, people can go to the doctor to see the cause of the bruise on their breast. The doctor will diagnose you with another symptoms that might you get.

They will check every details of your feelings. The bruise might be the sign of the breast cancer and even not.

Bruise is not only one of the symptoms for the breast cancer. There are some another symptoms as the characteristic of breast cancer, such as: swelling on the breast, itchy, pain and any other symptoms.

So, if you ask me is a bruise on the breast a sign of cancer, I will say it depends on.

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Dark Spot on Breast Looks Like a Bruise?

There are so many people who get the case of getting the dark spot on their breast which looks like a bruise. People can indicate and explore whether the dark spot is bruise or not.

The symptoms of the bruise on the breast are pain, stiffness, swelling and any other thing. Then, you can say if the dark spot is bruise if you see the discoloration of this spot.

The colour changes might indicate the bruise on the breast. However, how if it is not similar with those symptoms?

Well, people who has dark spot on the breast might get the high risk of the breast cancer. One of the characteristic of breast cancer is dark spot on the breast surface.

It can become bigger and larger for some months. So, it is better to check and call to the doctor if you have the dark spot on your breast.

Bruise on Breast During Pregnancy?

The breast bruised during the pregnancy become something which is common. However, if your bruise is not disappearing after some treatments, you need to go to the doctor as soon as possible to get deep diagnose.

The doctor needs to check your platelets to see your condition. Platelet is really important for the pregnant mother.

Platelet is used to help clotting your blood. Is the clotting important? Well, if you are pregnant, doctor needs to cloth your blood after Caesarea.

It will help to stop the bleeding after doing the surgery. During the pregnancy, a woman will get the bruise easily, but it should be in the normal condition.

The abnormal condition will influence the platelet production. Then, it can cause the complication into your pregnancy, if you do not get the right treatment.

The doctor will monitor your condition every time. So, it is a must to check the bruise on the breast when you are pregnant.