Why Does My Eye Feel Bruised When I Blink?

Sometimes, you feel your eye bruised when you blink. Actually, the cause can be various.

One of the possibilities is eye allergy. The eye allergies appear when your immune system overreacts to certain allergens.

Then, your eye releases histamine and other chemicals to protect the eye. There is also a case that your eye is attacked by bacteria which cause infection.

This type of infection forces your eyelid to produce oil gland. It is commonly known as stye and it makes your eye itchy and tender.

Just be careful if you see reddish bump around your eyelid because it might be a stye. There is also a possibility that you are suffered from pink eye or known as conjunctiva.

It makes your bruised eye and the main cause of pink eye is bacteria, viruses, or allergies. Eyelid swollen, red, itchy, and irritation are common symptoms of pink eye.

Just keep your eye from eye herpes because it makes your eye uncomfortable. It bruises your eye and it is caused by inflammation of your cornea.

In specific, there is clear dome which cover up the front part of your eye. The common symptom of eye herpes is swelling in the morning.

One thing for sure, those eye irritations can make your eye bruise when you blink and it is very uncomfortable.

Corner of Eye Feels Bruised

Do you ever feel that the corner of your eye feels bruised? Don’t scratch it because wrong action can triggers eye irritation.

So, what is the cause of eye bruised on the corner of your eye and how to treat it safely? When you feel eye bruised, you should check the condition.

Just check whether you feel reddish, itchy, and burning sensation around your eye or not. In serious sensation, you should check whether you feel headache, vision change, or photophobia or sensitive to light.

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The most common cause of eye bruise including on the corner of the eye is allergies, bacteria, and infection. Besides common eye allergies such as stye, pink eye, and eye herpes, it is also possible that you are suffered from different or a little bit serious eye problem.

Those are including glaucoma, migraines, optic neuritis, iritis, and even eye trauma. Those serious eye problems are appeared in different painful level from severe painful up to chronic painful which makes you unpleasant.

If the pain doesn’t want to disappear after home eye medication, you have to go to the doctor right away. Let the doctor examine your eye and just make sure that you give true information about this problem.

How to Treat a Bruised Eyeball?

There is a case that you are suffered from a bruised eyeball. Don’t do unclear action because any wrong treatment worse the condition of the bruise.

Even in serious side effect, it might give direct impact to your eye. So what the earlier treatment you have to do for an eye bruised problem especially around the eyeball?

The first thing to do is trying to reduce the pain or the uncomfortable condition. Just use cold compress by using ice pack or towel and put it on the bruise eyeball.

It is very important to reduce the pain and itchy and it prevents you to scratch it. You can cover up the eye around 20 minutes up to 30 minutes everyday.

If the cold compress don’t relief or reduce the pain, you can consider consuming painkiller. The common painkiller you can consume is paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Just remember that don’t use unclear or uncommon painkillers. You are also not allowed to consume aspirin without doctor prescription.

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Hopefully, the bruised eye problem can be treated well. If there is no significant effect after applying self care, you should go to the doctor to make sure about the condition of your eye.

There is a possibility that you are suffered from eye infection and it has to be treated medically. The treatment is various and it depends on the condition of the eye.

You may take eye x ray or standard eye check and let the doctor finds the cause of the eyeball bruise. You can just take specific medicine up to eye surgery to solve the problem.

You need to be hospitalized especially if the doctor found something unusual on your eye which can be the cause of the pain. Just follow the process and it hopes that you can get your normal vision back as soon as possible.

Is It Bruised Eyeball or Jaundice?

Actually, it might not an eye bruise problem. In fact, it is also possible for you to suffer from an eye problem known as jaundice.

So, what is the different between bruised eyeball and jaundice? If you see something red on the white part of your eye, it means you are suffered from bruise.

On the other hand, if you see yellow in the white part of your eye, you might be suffered from eye jaundice. In fact, jaundice is commonly happened on your skin or your eye.

The main cause of jaundice it seems more serious. It is cause by bilirubin and the yellow color starts to appear when your body can’t clean the bilirubin.

If it is happening to you, it means that there is a problem with your liver, pancreas, and some of your sensitive organs. There is also possibility that you are suffered from hepatitis A, hepatitis D, and hepatitis E.

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In the next level, it is affecting different part of your body including drastic weight loss because you are loosing appetite and also unexplained fatigue. Besides yellow bruised eye you also feel stomachache.

So, it is better to visit your doctor by the time you see yellow color around your eyeball. Let the doctor check your condition and give you proper medication.

How to Get Rid of a Bruised Eye?

There are several treatments to get rid of eye bruised problem. If you think that it doesn’t disturb you, just take home treatment.

You just need to prepare an ice pack or cold compress or towel. Use the cold compress to cover up the bruise eye. Just cover it around 20 minutes up to 30 minutes or until you don’t feel the cold anymore.

You may stop when the bruise gone. This simple treatment is useful to reduce pain or itchy and redness around your eye.

It will be a problem if you still feel the pain. This type of eye bruised problem should be treated differently.

While using cold compress, you also need to consume specific painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. The most important thing is following the instruction.

Just stop the treatment when the bruise gone. Just wait the result around a few days.

If there is no significant positive impact, you can just go to the doctor right away for further treatment. The doctor will check the condition of the bruise and your eye.

Then, they will decide the best treatment. The treatment of bruised eye problem is various from specific prescribed medicines up to eye surgery.

It hopes that after taking those treatments you can get your beautiful eye back.