Bruised Finger (Cause, Treatment & Healing Time)

Bruised finger is the result of the tearing of vessels under the skin; the common causes of it are bump, fall, or twist. If you have bruised finger, there are two actions you can do.

First, you can see a doctor, the doctor might taped your bruised finger to the one next to it, or even putting a splint on your finger so that the position will stay right to help your finger heal faster. Following it, the doctor might ask you to do some finger exercises to strengthen your fingers.

The second action is to treat your bruised finger at home; you can put some ices on your bruised finger. You can use cold pack if you have no ice as well.

Do not forget to put thin fabric between your finger skin and the ice or cold pack. Let it last for about 10 up to 20 minutes.

When you do it, it will be better for you to pop up your hand on a pillow; do so when you are sitting or lying down as well. If it accompanied by swelling too, you need to keep your hand above the level of your heart. It will reduce the swelling.

How to Treat a Bruised Finger?

Having a bruised finger is often making people worry. Moreover if it accompanied by pain, swollen, or very dark color.

When bruising occurs, it is better to give immediate treatment before it gets worse. In bruising case, you can have the RICE treatment to give as cited from Wikipedia; R stands for rest, I stands for ice, C stands for compression, while E stands for elevation.

First, let your finger and body have enough rest; do not push your hands to do overwork if you do not want to have more swollen bruised finger. To decrease the swollen, you can put some ices on your finger; it will work well to reduce the pain feeling as well.

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To help the flow of blood on your injured finger, you can have the compression and elevation action. Rest your bruised finger for several days; immobilize it as much as you can.

If you want to give more stability to your finger, you can tape your injured finger to another finger next to it. However, you need to remember that performing this way will cut down the mobility of your two fingers.

When you are in the middle of this treatment, you may find some symptoms. The most common one is discoloration and stiffness; it is included in normal symptoms having by bruised finger.

Therefore, you do not need to worry much. However, if the pain you feel last longer than two weeks, it is in different level of symptom; see a doctor immediately to know what is wrong with your finger.

Is My Finger Broken or Bruised?

Finger is one of the most important body parts, which giving great contribution in our everyday life. This fact also makes it to be vulnerable for any injuries.

One of them is bruises. This common injury sometimes makes people feel worry much because of the pain or swollen appearance it gives.

People sometimes also find it difficult to tell whether they get bruised finger or broken finger. Actually, each of this condition has its own symptom, which you can use to check.

Even though bruises sometimes cause unbearable pain, you will have no fractured or broken bone inside. It is because bruises are actually caused by bleeding case under your skin.

Bruised finger accompanied by several symptoms such as pain, swelling, and stiffness, which makes you lose your mobility. If you do right treatment, you will see discoloration follows after several days before it totally gone.

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On the other hand, broken finger goes in symptoms that are more serious; it includes severe pain accompanied by swelling, the loss of range of motion and finger deformation, as well as redness around the area of your broken finger bone. These symptoms often last for more than 2 weeks if you did not give proper treatment.

When should you look for a medical treatment?

You may take a good care of your bruised finger by yourself at home; however, it does not apply the same for broken finger. When you give treatment to your injured finger but it does not give any signs of getting better for two weeks, it is possible that you have broken finger instead of bruised finger; see a doctor immediately.

Severe pain is one of most important signs of broken finger you should not ignore. Keep using your finger in this condition will not be a wise choice, since it is possible to worse your finger condition.

Allow the doctor to process X-Ray scan as well to know which area of your bone is injured. When you apparently has fractured finger, you may need a splint, while on the other hand, broken finger might need treatment that is more extensive.

If you really need to use splint, make sure that it is not too tight; you can lose your splint if you feel your finger gets tingles or numb. It goes the same when the doctor decides to tap your fingers; one thing you need to remember is not to give too many motions while your finger is in the healing process.

What Cause Unexplained Bruising on Fingers?

Commonly, bruised finger caused when someone has just fallen or bumped into something. However, sometimes people also experienced bruising with unexplained cause.

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It just appears on the finger, or any other areas of body, with no certain reason that he or she can remember. If it happens to you as well, then it might be caused of several reasons we will briefly described as follows.

Unexplained bruised finger can have blood or clotting disorders as one of its cause. Besides that, it is also possible that unexplained bruising caused by hereditary condition; the genes having by someone, might be the reason why there is bruising on his or her skin without any injured skin.

If you have unexplained bruising, you need to try to know whether your family ever had the same condition or not. If it is not the case, then medication can be other reason you need to check; it includes corticosteroids as well as birth control pills for a woman.

How Long Does a Bruised Finger Take to Heal?

Having bruised finger indirectly will affect our daily routines; normally, bruises takes 2 up to 4 weeks before it finally go away. The color will turn from dark blue or purple becomes brown, green, or yellow.

The pain and swollen caused by bruises will eventually gone after several days. You can just do the treatment we have shared in the previous point, for slowly getting rid of the bruises.

In general, the pain and swollen of common bruises will last for 5 up to 10 days only. If you experienced pain or swollen finger more than those days, there might be something more than just merely a bruise.

It also goes the same if you lose your mobility for more than 10 days. Immobility caused by bruises is normal, but it will be uncommon if it last for that too much longer days; check to the doctor immediately and take your doctor advice.