What To Do for Bruised Knuckles?

The broken of fingers’ blood vessels is a common thing in our daily life, and usually, it is caused by the trauma experienced in a particular area. Both the bruise and pain are the common signs of the damage of blood vessels even though it may be disappeared for several days.

Fortunately, it often does not need any medical checkup for its ability to be cured by itself. When the bruised knuckles are not disturbing your activity at all, you can even just let it be. In fact, you can still do your daily activities with it.

Some activities are better to avoid when there are bruises on the knuckles. First of all, you are not allowed to press it since it can just make your condition is worse.

Besides, it is better to avoid doing hard activities for several days. The activities can include lifting the burden, doing sports that are focused on the hand and the others.

Sure, the most important thing is that you need to be very careful in doing your activities later. Arranging your hand position while sleeping is also necessary as well as you must not let something heavy on the hand for a moment, even including your head and body.

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How To Treat And Heal Bruised Knuckles

Bruised KnucklesIn general, it is okay to let the bruised knuckles be without doing any treatment. However, if you think it is disturbing enough, you can make some actions.

You may flow the warm water on the bruised areas at least twice a day in the morning and at night. You can also drown your hand in the warm water for around five minutes.

Meanwhile, you can also take advantage of some ice blocks covered by a towel to compress your hand. Smearing olive oil, topical lotion, and ointment can also be applied to the areas of the bruise.

For the exception, if the bruise is not disappeared for weeks, you don’t need to go to the doctor or hospital. Sure, in other words, the following treatment is needed if the bruise is not cured in those ways.

The real problem is when you find that the bruise is not disappeared after weeks and even it is probably getting more and more painful. Well, you don’t have any other choices since medical checkup can be needed.

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Smearing cream or even consuming drugs based on the medical prescription is considered as more necessary. The cream and drugs are used to help to cure the broken blood vessels in your hand as well as relieving the pain.

Sure, the use of both medications must be under control of a doctor, but those medications are commonly okay to be left when the bruise is already disappeared. For the next time, you may be careful so that the appearance of bruises can be prevented.

Bruised Knuckles Symptoms

There are many reasons why the bruises can just appear on the knuckles. The most common accidental things are when they are being hit by something hard.

That’s why; this condition is often experienced by carpenters, bricklayers, and the others. Besides, your daily actions that tend to be not careful can also be the reason why there is a bruise.

However, even if something does not hit you, the bruises can just appear also. It is particularly if you have so many hectic schedules and activities in a day so that your body feels so tired.

There are some symptoms of bruised knuckles you need to know. One of them is when you feel a real pain in the areas of hands particularly fingers.

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The bruise itself has certain colors; the most common ones are dark blue or purple. However, there are some people with red bruises.

The medical treatment is needed when the worse symptoms are found; they are the unbearable pain, finding it difficult to move or lift the fingers, and even bleeding. If the last symptoms are what you experience, it means that it is more than just a bruise. It is possible if your bone is also cracked.

How Long Do Bruised Knuckles Take To Heal?

The common and mild bruise will only take some days to heal, and it can even be only a week maximally. However, it also depends on how you treat the bruise.

If you give treatment like compressing and using medication ointment, the healing process can be faster than that. However, it also depends on the body condition of the patient personally.

What you need to pay attention more is when the bruise takes a very long time to heal for more than two weeks; it can be something worse than just a bruise. For this condition, medical treatment is a right thing to do to treat bruised knuckles.