What Causes Bruised Lips?

The bruises lips and their surrounding must make you feel less confident. It is due the colors of blue and purple those are appeared.

Many things can cause the bruises. Commonly, they appear due to the accidents like being hit. Sure, certain activities like kissing can also make the lips become bruised.

Whatever the bruises appear, the process how it comes out is just the same. It is due to the broken of blood vessels that cause minor bleeding under the skin layer.

The hard collision or suction can just break the vessels easily despite appearing any outer wound, and it is not something dangerous. However, if it is possible, you must take care of it as soon as possible.

The bruised lips experienced by people can be different from one to another. The only similarity is due to the change of color in the area which is bruised.

Some of you may find it painful as well, on the other hand, there is no any painful feeling even if the bruised area is being pressed. Whatever it is, the treatment is probably needed particularly if the bruise is no longer disappeared in a long time.

How To Treat Bruised Lips?

Bruised LipsUndeniably, the bruised lips can be embarrassing even if it is probably caused by kissing. That’s why; you may need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

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The way to treat it is quite easy. You can do it with both cold and warm water separately. For the treatment of warm water, you can just let the warm water flow on the area that is bruised.

You can do it twice a day while washing your face. Meanwhile, the cold water or blocks of ice are used to compress the bruised area.

Don’t forget to cover it with plastic or towel. Other treatments are by smearing the lips with a topical cream or olive oil, but yes, lips are where we eat and others. The cream on lips may just make us feel not comfortable.

The real problem is when the bruise is still there after weeks of the accidents. There is a possibility that you may experience something worse than the broken of blood vessels.

It can even be your muscles that have the problem. Therefore, for the bruise that is not cured for a long time, it is better for you to do the medical checkup.

For severe cases of bruised skin, the doctor can give you drugs and cream under the prescription. Even if there is already the medical treatment taken, the period of healing can still be different from one to another, depending on the condition of patients that must be different as well.

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How To Get Rid Of Bruised On Lip?

Technically, you don’t need to do anything for this matter; the bruised lips can just be disappeared after some days. The longest time for the bruise to disappear is only around two weeks.

Just let the bruise be something that is recommended. As it has been mentioned before, the bruise is caused by the blood vessels that are broken caused by collision or suction.

The vessels have their own ability to rebuild and re-establish. This natural healing process is even suggested to avoid the side effects that are probably happened.

The problem is; it is so damn embarrassing to have a bruise particularly in a noticeable area like lips. Before, finding questions from people around, it is much better to cure it as soon as possible.

If you want to hide it, you can just use your foundation or BB cream. However, if you want to remove it from the inside, you can compress it with warm water at least twice a day until the bruise is disappeared.

Another way is by using cold water as well as you can also use home remedies for this idea. Some of them that are safe enough to be smeared on the lips are vinegar and olive oil.

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Make sure to do the smearing when the lips are in the dry condition. Using ointment or cream especially for a bruise is also not bad, but you must make sure that it will not go to your mouth. The cream is basically for outer treatment so that it is quite risky if it is being swollen.

How Long Does A Lip Bruise Take To Heal?

It is quite difficult to design how long the bruised lips can be cured. First of all, it is by considering the condition of the human body that tends to be different from one to another.

Besides, it also depends on the level of severity. If the broken vessels are large, sure, the process will be longer as well.

However, for normal bruise caused by collision, it is commonly not more than a week. Well, you can conclude that a week is a normal thing for the bruise to disappear.

For some people, it may take a longer time for the same condition; it is around two weeks or less. You need to pay attention more when the bruise takes longer time than that.

When more than two weeks, it is not disappeared, a medical checkup is recommended. The bruise is maybe not only caused by the broken vessels since, in fact, the crack of bone can also give you the same sign.