How To Tell If Your Tailbone Is Broken Or Bruised?

Undeniably, tailbone is a part of your body that must not be underestimated. It is due to its connection to the backbone as the main holder of your body.

A collision around this part must be paid attention more. Yes, you may only find a bruise on the surface. However, it can be more than that; the tailbone can be broken as well for the same cause.

The question is; how can we differentiate the bruised tailbone and broken tailbone? It is since the look is just the same in which your skin becomes blue, red, or purple and more than that, both give you the same feeling when you press it, it is painful.

Bruised tailbone may give you the feeling of pain. However, you can still move your body well when you have this problem.

It is different from the broken tailbone in which you may not be able to move properly. So, the first important thing is trying to move your body.

As long as you are still able to do activities like usual, it can mean that your tailbone is okay. Well, the result can be more trusted if you do medical checkup including using the X-ray. Therefore, you can get the treatment immediately.

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Bruised Tailbone VS Broken Tailbone

bruised TailboneNormal bruised tailbone is caused by the broken of blood vessels. Yes, collision or being hit can just cause such a thing.

The broken vessels surely create minor bleeding under the skin layer. That’s why; you must find it quite painful particularly when the bruised area is pressed.

Commonly, the bruise can just automatically disappear after few days. In other words, there is nothing to worry about the bruise since you can just do your daily activities as usual.

However, it is a big deal if the tailbone is broken. As it has been explained before, there is a connection between the tailbone and backbone.

The backbone itself is the main support of your body in general. As a result, when something happens to your tailbone, your body, in general, may not work well and normally.

Therefore, when the bruise appeared on your tailbone is along with the fact you cannot move it properly, you must be aware. More than that, it is when the pain is felt even when you are not touching the area at all.

The medical treatment is necessary which is starting from the examination using the x-ray. Next, you may need to stay in the hospital for few days.

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How To Treat A Bruised Tailbone?

Be thankful if the bruise is a bruise, not the broken tailbone because the bruised tailbone can just be healed by itself. When the bruise is not large enough, you may only need to wait for it for around a week to see that the purple or blue color on your skin is disappeared.

Letting it be disappeared by itself is more recommended? Why outer treatment can just give any side effect anyway.

Meanwhile, your body has its ability to repair the damage inside. More than that, the damage of blood vessels is not a big deal.

However, the bruised tailbone is undeniably disturbing as well by seeing the area. You probably find it difficult to sit down simply.

For this matter, some treatments below are recommended. It is by compressing the bruised area with warm or cold water.

For cold water treatment, you can use the ice blocks that have been covered by the towel. Meanwhile, the warm water can just be smeared around when you are taking a bath.

Using home remedies like olive oil and Aloe Vera is good as well. Another idea is by using a topical cream that is freely offered in the drugstore.

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However, what if the bruise is not disappeared until some days? Well, you don’t have any other choice then. You must still go to the hospital to find medical checkup to prevent if there is something worse than a bruise on your tailbone area.

How Long Does It Take For A Bruised Tailbone To Heal?

Normally, the bruised skin will not take a long time to heal including on the tailbone area; it is only around a week. However, it is with a note that the area of the bruise is not large.

When the area is quite large, it is possible for the skin to heal the bruise in a long time even for a week. It is also by remembering that there must be a hard collision so that your tailbone experiences the bruise.

The healing process is also influenced by the conditions that can be different from one person to another. While your bruise can heal for only a week, your friend may need more than that to heal.

Although the process of healing is different, you must pay attention more when your bruise stays for more than two weeks. Well, it can be the symptoms of the worse condition like the cracked tailbone and bruised tailbone.