What Is Bruised Toe?

Bruised toe is the condition in which your toe becomes ruptured and you can see the different colours on your toe skin. This condition can cause so many problems for the one who get bruised toe and people will feel the extremely pain and get the hurt on the area of the injury.

Do you know what the cause of the bruised toe? Well, there are three kinds of causes which make the pain on your toe.

First, the bruised toe can be caused by trauma or injury, such as: the heavy activity like sport, you might get the big risk of bruised toe. People can get the bruised toe because of kicking the ball too hard, the injury that you make with your own fault, such as: drop the things on your toe, falling the object on your toe and crush the heavy things.

Second, the bruised toe can be caused by the big risk of bruised toe during a vehicle accident. They can feel the pain of the bruised toe after car or motorcycle crash.

Third, the sprain on your foot can also be one of the causes of the bruised toe. It might give the big effects to your foot.

Bruised Toe Vs Broken Toe

Many people cannot differentiate between bruised and broken toe. Most of them always think that they get the broken toe when they are getting the bruised toe symptoms.

Then, many of them also think that they only get the bruised toe and consider that this case is not a big problem, but in fact, they get the broken toe. Well, there are some aspects that you need to pay attention while your family or friends getting a trouble with their toe.

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First, broken toe causes the bleeding on the injury area, while the bruise toe will not.

Second, the one who get the bruised toe can move the toe slowly but it feels so hurt. The movements are so limited because of the pain and they have a limited motion and mobility. Third, people with the bruised to will get the stiffness because of the injury. The broken toe people do not feel the stiffness anymore, they will feel the numbness on the injury area.

Fourth, people with the broken toe will feel the tingling and burning sensation and they who have bruised toe will get sensation of throbbing. But, the people with broken toe have difficulty to move the toe and even cannot move it at all.

How to Tell if Toe Is Broken or Bruised?

People can see the signs and symptoms to know if the toe is broken or maybe bruised. People can try to touch the injury area.

If they feel pain on the injury area, it is the sign of the bruised toe. Then, if you touch your injury and feel that it is burned, it means that your toe is broken.

People can also realize about the colour of the pain. What kind of colour that you see on the painful area?

If you feel that your toe is turning to blue, black and even red and there is blood on it, it might be the broken toe.

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How to Treat a Bruised Toe?

It is important to know about the best treatment to treat your pain because of the broken or bruised toe. The first treatment that most people usually do is using an ice pack or wrapped ice.

They use something cold to reduce the pain, swelling and even the stiffness from the bruised toe. People only need to put the wrapped ice around 20 minutes to get the better feeling.

However, you cannot leave the ice pack too long into your injury toe. It might cause the other damage to your bruised toe.

Then, people can contact the doctor to get the deep treatment. The doctor will ask you to take some medicine which can help to remove the symptoms, reduce the pain and kill the signs of the bruised toe.

They will give you the painkillers to make your injury better. They will also ask you to take the analgesic to make your pain get well.

Third, people have to rest the toe for the days. They need to stabilize the toe’s mobility.

So, it is better to take a rest and laying on the bed when you have this pain. By taking a rest and reducing your motion, it will help you to keep down the painful on your injury surface.

Fourth, your doctor might give you the bandage to keep your injury not dirty. People need to change the bandages regularly to prevent the risk of infections.

Then, the function of the bandage is helping to relieve the pain on the area of its injury.

What to Put on a Bruised Toe?

Talking about the thing which has to be put on a bruised toe is similar to the traditional treatment for the bruised toe. Well, there is a simple method that you can do as the first help for the bruised toe.

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People need to prepare the plastic food storage and fill it with the ice cubes. Then, people need to wrap it with the cloth and they have to put the wrapped ice into the injury.

Or people can use the ice pack for reduce the pain on the injury area. Ice can help to keep down the swelling and it can help to stabilize your bruised toe.

How Long Do Bruised Toes Take to Heal?

The time that you need to heal your bruised toe is so variety. It depends on how severe your bruised toe is.

People who get the regular bruised toe, only needs a few weeks to recover from the bruised toe. They only need the simple treatment and take the medicine to reduce and kill the pain.

It will be different with the one who get the severe bruised toe. They might need some serious treatment and take more time on its treatment.

The one who get the severe bruised toe have to spend around 2 months to get the best treatment. They need more time to reduce the pain and relieve the injury.

Moreover, the recovery period can be decided through whether the patients obey the rules or not. People who are obeying the doctor’s advice to avoid doing something which make the pain of bruised toe more severe, will get the healthy toe faster than the one who are not.