Bruised Toenail : Treatment & Falling Off Prevention

Some of us must have been bruised toenail or something, this is a natural occurrence either due to unintentional events or minor accidents. But you also have to be careful because actually this is a swelling of bleeding suppressed by the nail, for more information on this subject, below you will get explanations related to bruised nail.

What Is a Bruised Toenail?

Bruised toenail is a condition in which the blood froze beneath the toenail layer which is caused by a collision by a hard object or tripping, the colors produced on this bruised vary from maroon to brownish black, basically the bruises vary greatly depending on how the occurrence of bruises.

If the impact is very harsh, it may be the resulting bruises to the fullest evenly on the toenail. But there are also bruises that are only partially toenail. In addition, it also causes pain or pain. Usually the pain arises early on after the incident (or bruises appear), whereas the pain can disappear by itself after several hours.

But there are also some cases that states that the pain still has not gone away for several days, if this happens, you should see a doctor to get appropriate treatment on bruises on your toenail. Actually bruised toenail is not a serious disease, but if to experience hematoma usually this will become more serious, if you have only minor accidents and the color of your bruises is not too severe, it will probably heal by itself within a few days, but if not go away, you should immediately go to the doctor.

What Causes Bruising Under Toenails?

Basically the thing that causes bruised toenail is some sort, but it’s all things related to the crash like when you’re stomped, your feet tripping over a rock, your legs accidentally kicking the table, you have an accident, your feet are falling hard objects, you wear shoes that are too narrow so press your toes, and so on. Usually this will cause bleeding that occurs under your nails, sometimes not only bleeding but also your nail plate can get hurt.

However, the bleeding that occurs in the nail usually cannot get out because of pressure by the nails are attached with a tight. Therefore bleeding will accumulate under the nail and freeze.

This will make your toenails become discolored. The resulting colors can be maroon, brownish, purplish, and even too blackish, this color depends on the type of bleeding that occurs under the layer of your toenail. If the bleeding happens very much, this will cause quite serious conditions such as hematoma and your toenail can swell and very painful if it is (in the depth).

However, if the bleeding is not too much, maybe the pain will not last long, less than 24 hours will naturally heal. In addition, the color changes in your nails will usually take a long time to get healed as before.

Therefore, if you are not comfortable with the condition, you can go to the doctor and consult about your complaints. Usually the doctor will perform a physical examination or anamneses, after which the doctor will explain to you about the condition of your toenail and things that can be done to cure it.

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Bruise Under Toenail No Pain

Maybe you’ve had bruise under toenail with no pain. Yes, this is very likely to happen for example because you stumble hard objects, play ball with narrow shoes, trampled, and so on.

But usually the pain in your toenail does not last long and can quickly disappear, only the pain that has been lost is not guaranteed that the color of bruises under toenail will also disappear.

Bruise under toenail that can cause the color of maroon to black this will disappear much longer than the pain generated. Pain usually occurs only moments after the event, after which the pain will subside gradually.

But the bruise remains until the nail grows and is replaced by a new nail, it may takes a long enough time, maybe it takes several months. Therefore you should be patient with the bruise that is still on your nails even though it is no longer pain.

Toenail Hematoma VS Melanoma

Toenail hematoma is a nail bleeding usually caused by a violent collision, blunt object, or accident. Basically this is not a serious disease, but usually you can feel a very painful feeling especially after the incident or when the emergence of the hematoma.

The color of your nails will turn into a maroon to brownish, it is a collection of blood that froze beneath the toenail. Collection of blood is pressed by the nail so that blood is stuck and cannot get out. Therefore this causes very pain.

However, some diagnoses if you experience the incident and because unbearable pain, another possibility that occurs is a subungual hematoma or fracture of the distal bone. Therefore, you should immediately go to the doctor to check your condition. Usually for ordinary cases, no nail surgery is necessary.

However, if the bleeding is very much and difficult to stop it will likely be surgical nail removal, while melanoma is a black line that is on the nail. This case mostly occurs in blacks or Negroes, and basically this is due to fungal infections, nutritional deficiencies, trauma / injury to the nails, and can also be cancer, but in black people (Negroes) this is usually normal.

Is it Bruise or Fungus under Toenail?

Maybe it ever occurred to you, is it bruise or fungus under toenail? Yes, maybe you do not know the difference between the two.

Basically there is a significant difference to differentiate between bruises in toenails and funguses in toenails. Some of the difference is the cause, bruising on the nails is usually caused by a collision or tripping.

While the fungus in the nail usually occurs because you walk barefoot in public places, suffering from ringworm, diabetes, blood flow disorders, using shoes or socks that do not have ventilation, sweat and work in a humid place. In addition, the colors caused on the bruises and fungus are also different.

On bruises toenail will change the color of nails into maroon until brown. While toenail mushrooms will change the color of toenails into white to yellowish spots.

White or yellowish spots can thicken and usually attack only one finger, it is very rare to attack five fingers at once (almost none). Fungus is a very small or microscopic organism that does not require sunlight to live.

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Therefore, it will be very easy to develop in humid places. However, basically the difference between bruise and fungus under toenail is very clear so that the handling should also be different.

Will a Bruised Toenail Fall Off?

You may have felt worried or scared when imagining what will happen next to your bruised toenail. However, you do not have to worry too much because basically this is not a serious illness.

You will not have nail removal surgery if there is no dangerous compilation such as bleeding that is continuous or difficult to stop, or you have hemophilia (blood frozen). Usually the pain you experience only temporary, although at first the pain is very terrible, but this will be improved and disappeared. Only, this bruised ex is not easily lost.

However you will not experience a fall off on your nails. At its base there is no specific medicine to be able to eliminate bruised unless it will go away on its own as new nails grow, but actually you can cold compress on your nails regularly, it does not have an evidence based yet some sources say that this can reproduce the nail color back as before.

How to Prevent Bruised Toenail From Falling Off?

  • Putting on clean socks combined with the shoes on daily basis
  • Pat dry your toes after it is cleaned with water
  • As symptoms become evident, bandage the toenail and seek medical assistance without delay
  • Choosing shoes which provide balance, balance and protection
  • Following proper health habits of your toes on regular basis
  • Be mindful while playing outdoor activities
  • Toenails should be trimmed regularly and right across
  • The toenails should considered extra good care when they are recovering post treatment

What to Do When Bruised Toenail Falls Off?

In the event that you injure your toenail by shedding something heavy on your feet or slicing through the nail, it’s very more likely to become bruised and discolored. The nail may become segregated from the toenail, and the toenail will show up off.

This is an agonizing condition that needs to be seen by a health care provider. A good simple injury may become life-threatening if infections sets in.

Inside the best case circumstance, your physician would disinfect the region, remove the toe nail and present you a span of antibiotics to avoid illness. In the most detrimental case scenario, with no treatment serious illness could develop and you simply could lose your feet or worse!

Serious fungal an infection can also cause your toe nail to split up from the nail. That is also a significant subject that just underscores the value of seeing your physician straight away if you develop issues with your toenails.

Sacrificing a toenail is agonizing the point is. It really is a probably serious situation that requires professional care.

How to Treat Bruised Toenail?

If you experience bruised toenail then there are some steps you can do at home if this has just happened. Some ways you can do include cold compressing. This cold compress can use ice wrapped with a cloth and then affixed to your toenails.

Paste it for a few seconds then lift it, and rework it until the pain subsides. The next step is lifting your legs. You can rest your feet on higher ground while you lie down.

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You can lie on the mattress and support your feet on a pile of pillows. This will make your blood circulation becomes more fluent and reduce the pain after a while.

However, the pain cannot go away, so the next step you can take painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, or mefenamic acid if there is no contraindication or drug allergies. But if this has happened a few days, generally you do not need any action.

If your nails are removed from the bottom, it will also not be able to stick again. But over time he will grow back as usual. Usually the growth of nails until it can return as before it takes more or less up to 6 months.

You do have to be patient if you experience this, in addition, if you still have other complaints about your bruised nails, then you should consult a doctor so the doctor will do the examination and suggest the best thing for you. You do not have to worry or be afraid of being injected because usually doctors will only give you pill medicine or ointment.

How to Get Rid of Bruise under Nail?

Basically this bruised under nail can disappear by itself, but it takes a long time that is about 6 months siring with the growth of new nails. If you do not want to wait in that time period, then you can consult a doctor about a drug that you can use to remove bruises under the toenail.

Usually the doctor will give a polish nail polish called Ciclopirox. These drugs are usually used with a dose once a day.

In addition to these drugs, doctors may also be able to provide nail cream medicine. Nail cream is basically you can apply on your nails are experiencing bruised under nail.

You can use it twice a day and generally after a bath so the condition of the nail is softer. After using this cream, you should not wash your feet so that the cream medicine can seep up and work into the under nail so your toe will recover faster.

How Long Does a Bruise Under Toenail Last?

If you have bruise under toenail you may feel pain for a few hours or a few days. However, after the pain has diminished and even disappeared, it turns out that the former bruise is still there on your toe.

This may disturb your appearance if you prefer to use an open slipper. However, the bad news is this bruise under toenail takes a long time to get lost and make your toenails become as usual.

The time it takes toenails to grow until all new nails cover your toe is 6 months, but the time you need can be less than 6 months if bruise under toenail is at the tip of the nail so that when your nails grow you can cut the tip and this may only take 2-3 months. You’re lucky if this bruise happens on the tip of the nail so you can get your nails quicker as before.

Based on the text above, now you have known various information about bruised toenail. Hopefully the information you have read can be useful for you and your closest person. Get well soon for your toenail!