What Is a Bruised Wrist?

Do you have a problem with a bruised wrist?

If the answer is yes, this may be helpful for you.

We know that having a problem with a bruised wrist is always upsetting.

Yup, we can’t do the activities that are actually easy to do.

So, to help you face this problem, here we are going to share you about how to treat the bruised wrist.

Before going further, it is better for you to know what a bruised wrist is.

In common, bruised wrist – wrist contusion – is a condition that happens because there is a bleeding under the skin in your wrist. Here, a bruise usually occurs when a blood vessel is broken.

Then, it leaks a little amount of blood into the tissues, tendons and muscles under the skin.

In result, you will feel the pain in the bruised area, especially when you try to move your wrist.

In this case, the most common thing which becomes the cause a bruised wrist is a direct collision or a blow to the wrist.

Besides, the other causes of bruised wrist are car accidents, fractured bones, falling down, mechanical trauma, and sport injuries.

Here, if you get bruised wrist, you will feel the pain when you try to move your wrist, tenderness when it is being touched, the motion of your wrist is decreased, and stiffness.

Fortunately, a bruised wrist will heal by itself without any medical treatment. But, if you want to get a fast recovery, you have to treat it immediately.

How to Treat a Bruised Wrist?

As been described before, a bruised wrist will heal by itself as the time walks.

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But, we suggest you to treat this problem to avoid bad things happen in the future.

Here, you can perform the “RICE” protocol which is usually done to a bruised wrist.

If you haven’t known about this before, each word of RICE stands for something.

In the word “R”, it means that you have to Rest or avoid the aggravating activities that can cause a pain or soreness.
It is so important because if the broken tissues spread, your bruised wrist can be worse.

Then, the words “I” stands for Ice.

Here, you will use some ice cubes to reduce the pain and the swelling.

Using a plastic wrap is a good idea if you are going to compress the bruised wrist with ice cubes.

You can do this way in 10 – 20 minutes a day.

For the “C”, this word stands for the Compression.

Which means, you have to wrap your bruised wrist with an elastic bandage.

Here, you have to make sure that the wrap is not too tight.

Because instead of reducing the swelling, you may even make the swelling becomes worse.

The last is “E”, this word stands for Elevation.

Which means, you have to elevate or lift up the bruised wrist on a pillow.

You can do this anytime, while you are sitting or even applying the ice.

The point is, you have to make sure that the level of bruised wrist is higher than your heart.

Because it will help your body to minimize the swelling.

On the other hand, there are some tips that you can do to avoid a bruised wrist.

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Here, you can do some exercises in order to improve your flexibility and strength.

If you have a good flexibility and strength, the possibility of getting bruised wrist will be small.

Besides, you can also train your bones with a modification activity.
Which means, you will do a training which aims to improve the quality of your bone.

In addition, don’t forget to eat foods which contain high calcium and iron.

Is My Wrist Broken or Bruised?

This question often comes when people get problems with their wrist.

We understand that this thing is normal.

But, if you have no idea about the broken or bruised wrist, we will give some information about it.

Here, to know whether your wrist is broken or bruised, it can be seen by looking at the signs and symptoms.

First, you have to know how the injury happens.

If the injury happens because you fall from a roof and land with your hand, a bruised wrist may be not what you are experiencing right now.

Besides, you can see your wrist whether or not it is bulging.

Because if you get a broken wrist, a bone will be bulging through your skin.

Not only that, you will feel the pain which is not usual.

When you get a broken wrist, you can’t even move your wrist at all.
On the other hand, based on the fact that bruised wrist can heal by itself, you can just let the pain flow.

If the pain does not go away in a couple of days, and the swelling is getting worse, it means that you get a broken wrist.

However, this is not a good idea because the fast response is always recommended.

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There is a thing that you also have to know.

You can consider your wrist is broken if there is a crunching or grinding sound in your wrist.

Moreover, if you feel an excruciating pain, there is a possibility that you get a broken wrist.

What Does It Mean When Your Wrist Is Bruised?

When your wrist is bruised, it means that something happens under the skin in your wrist.

As been described before, there is bleeding in the tissue under the wrist which makes a swelling.

There are so many causes that can make your wrist become bruised.

However, if you have no idea about getting a bruised wrist without experiencing a direct collision, it may be caused by other things.

Such as suffering hemophilia or using some medicines like anticoagulants or aspirin.

How Long Does a Bruised Wrist Take to Heal?

In common, the time which is taken by a bruised wrist to heal is around four to seven days. However, you may take longer times.

We have explained that a bruised wrist will heal by itself, yet it depends on the your body condition. Another reason, which you can consider is how severe your bruised wrist is.

Here, if you get a severe bruised wrist, the healing time that you take is around two weeks to two months. So, you have to know whether you get a minor or major bruised wrist.

On the other hand, the best thing to do if you get a bruised wrist is, you should go to the doctor.

Moreover, you must go to the doctor immediately if you think that the cause of your bruised wrist is serious.

Because it will avoid the bad things happen in the future.