What Causes Bruises On Stomach?

Bruises on stomach or abdominal skin discoloration may happen for several factors. Several factors are probably just about allergic reaction but other factors may be something serious like internal bleeding inside your stomach.

Discoloration on the skin, especially on the abdominal skin may be alarming. It can be yellow tint, purple bump or even red dash. If you could not relate the skin discoloration on the abdominal to a cause which is harmless or simple then you really need to seek for the medical help to find out the proper treatments immediately.

Some people have allergic reaction to alcoholic beverages or certain substances contained in alcoholic beverages. One of the most common reactions is bruises on the skin as well as stomach.

The bruises might be itchy or just feel warm to touch but it will be fade away after certain times. But if you do not have that kind of allergy then you may want to see a doctor.

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It can also be caused by some blood that is trapped in the tissues right under the stomach skin. You can put ice pack on the bruised area for several days until the bruises on the stomach go away.

What Causes Unexplained Bruises On Stomach?

Bruises on StomachThere will always be a cause behind a bruise. So, if you feel like you did not do anything wrong with your stomach but there is bruise on it then something might happen recently.

For example, you have certain allergic reaction to chemical substance like preservative or artificial sweetener. This commonly happens in the alcoholic beverage since it contains several substances that may increase the chance of a person gets the allergic reaction.

It is harmless.

But the bruises may also appear due to bumps or accident that happened long time ago. This can be the sign of internal bleeding.

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The sudden bruises also happen on the people that do exercise rigorously especially those who use weightlifters and athletes. A person who experiences other bleeding disorders like bleeding gums or nosebleeds also has the higher chance to develop unexplained bruise on stomach.

Other than that, elderly person has also higher risk factor to develop this condition since their skin gets thinner along the age flies by. It happens because the tissues that commonly support the blood vessels become more and more fragile from time to time.

But if you want to make sure about what happens in you related the sudden bruise then you better ask the doctor for proper treatment.

How To Treat Bruises On Stomach?

In most cases related to discoloration on stomach, it does not need medical attention as long as it is because the muscle inside your stomach. You can put ice pack in order to reduce the pain and swelling and bleeding.

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You may also need to rest from all aggravating and hard activities. If you like to exercise a lot then you need to slow things down for at least a week or until the bruise disappear.

Seeing the doctor may be needed if it develops pain and you worry about it, especially if the symptoms seem unlikely to go away. The doctor may also prescribe the medication for anti-inflammatory that will be really useful to ease the swelling and reduce the pain.

The bruise will disappear in a week until 10 days. You really need to get some rest and be patients as well. It is important to watch out for any serious condition especially if you notice there is some blood in your urine.

If there is blood in it, medical attention is strongly recommended. You should take care of your body a lot more so you do not have to deal with bruise on stomach.