What Causes Bruising After Blood Draw?

Bruising after blood draw may happen to anyone. Drawing blood whether it is for blood donation or test can cause this bruise. Although somebody hopes that there will be no side effects from giving blood, unfortunately this bruise may develop.

For your information, this bruise can also look dramatic for some cases. Even, the people who find it can be worried especially if this bruise appears on the drawn area. However, bruise is actually harmless for them.

Besides that, it will disappear after several times. Then, it is also normal if this bruise will spread on your skin before fading. Well, if you want to know about getting bruise after blood draw, keep reading below! Here is the information about it.

Having a bruise after blood draw is caused by bleeding under your skin. It is actually due to the blood vessel’s injury. You need to know that injured blood vessels will leak the blood for small amount.

This blood condition will collect in the skin area as a bruise. When you find bruise during blood donation process, it will be discontinued in order to avoid worse condition.

The condition of this bruise will show discoloration changes from blue- black to green. After that, there will be yellow bruise till it fades and disappears. This condition will take about two or three weeks.

There are also other conditions following after blood draw:

The pierced vein during blood donation will cause leaked blood into surrounding tissue. You will get developed bruise if the procedure of blood draw more difficult.

There are also blood vessels being tiny fragile just under your skin. They can be larger in the area where blood draw obtained. One of those small vessels can be injured when the donation needle is inserted into your arm.

So, besides getting a bruise, there are also some conditions following after giving blood donation or test.

Is Bruising After Blood Draw Normal?

For your information, having a bruise after blood draw is normal and also harmless. As we know, bruise is caused by skin bleeding after blood donation.

Besides that, this condition will injure the blood vessels in the skin. After that, it will make small amount of blood leak.

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After creating leaked blood, the injured blood vessels will collect in certain area of your skin. Well, they will cause a bruise after you got blood draw.

This condition is actually normal for the donor. They only need about two or three weeks to get bruise disappears.

Do Blood Thinners Cause Bruising?

You need to know that there are some prescriptions and nonprescription medicines can reduce the ability of your blood to clot. This case will cause bleeding or bruising under the skin.

Well, blood thinners such as warfarin, aspirin, enoxaparin, and clopidogrel can cause a bruise on the skin. It will also happen when you take nonprescription medicine contains anticoagulant.

Those kinds of medicine will increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. The bruise will appear because they can decrease the blood’s ability to clot.

What do you have to do when finding bruise after consuming them? First of all, you can meet your doctor and ask whether you have to stop consuming the medicine.

If you take nonprescription medicine, you should stop taking them. You need to call the doctor when you feel that you need to keep consuming them. So, the side effects will be controlled as well.

What Causes Bruising After Blood Draw?

As we know, blood draw can be blood test and also donation. Both of those blood draw activities may cause bruising on the skin.

How can blood draw cause bruising? There is the relation between blood draw and a bruise. Blood draw will tear the small blood vessels under the skin.

The torn blood vessels will cause bleeding on your skin. You need to know that bleeding under the skin will create a bruise. It occurs on the skin due to injured blood vessels.

The blood vessels that got injured will cause leaked blood under the skin. This condition will collect blood clot on the skin and create a bruise.

After that, there will be black and blue color around the bleeding area of your skin. It will usually take about 2 till 4 weeks till the bruise disappears.

You will find other colors formed on the skin such as reddish blue, purplish black and yellowish green. Those color changing phenomenon occur due to the blood clot.

There are actually some ways to prevent bruising or bleeding after giving blood donation or taking blood test. Keep reading below! You will find those guides in order to prevent it.

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How to Prevent Bruising After Blood Draw?

There is prevention that can be followed to avoid you getting bruise after blood donation or test. Those ways will really work for you.

First of all, you have to avoid wearing tight sleeve before taking it. The tight sleeve can cause congestion on your vein. Of course, this will increase the risk of bruising.

Next, you can apply firm pressure to the puncture area of your skin. You can do it just after giving blood donation till the bleeding stop.

What kind of firm pressure that can be used? Well, you can take plaster to cover the puncture area. You can keep it minimally for six hours.

Then, you have to avoid carrying the heavy object for several days after blood draw. Lifting heavy objects will cause bruising.

If there is bruise developed, you can apply compression by using cold water. This way will reduce the blood clot and also the pain on your skin.

For better prevention, you have to avoid consuming aspirin and other related medicines. Those kinds of medicine are known as blood thinners that can cause the risk of bruise. So, those are all some tips to avoid bruise after getting blood draw.

Can You Get a Blood Clot From a Bruise?

There are some people deliver this question because they wonder whether a bruise can cause blood clot or not. Before we discuss about a blood clot, you have to know that bruise is harmless case.

Besides that, bruise will not also make your skin swelling and get increased painful. The condition of skin bruise will take about 2 or 3 weeks to disappear.

Generally, bruise cannot cause a blood clot for all people who take blood test or donation. That’s why you don’t have to be worried about it.

However, there are also some circumstances of this rare case to happen. But, a bruise that can make blood clot is not caused by blood draw.

A bruise of hit or traumatic incident can develop to a blood clot. So, the bruise can cause the blood clot if it is caused by traumatic incident.

Meanwhile a bruise from blood donation will disappear by itself. You can follow some treatments in order to reduce bruise from your skin.

During the healing process of bruise, you will find the color changing of it. They are blue, black, and yellow. You can take also some treatments to make it disappears earlier.

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Difference Between Bruise and Blood Clot

There are certain difference from bruise and blood clot. First of all, you need to know that blood clot condition is more serious for us. However, both of bruise and blood clot are related to the discolored skin and blood issues.

So, is there any difference of them? Bruise is also known as discolored skin. This condition will happen when you get the bleeding under the skin after giving blood donation.

As we know, it will occur below the surface of your skin. Then, you need to know that bruise can attack other parts of your body. It will only cause less painful.

When you get bruise, sometimes it will follow by skin painful. Besides that, there will be skin coloration changing. There are blackish, yellowish, and blue.

The changing of skin color is due to the oxygen lack of bruise area. So, it is the explanation of having bruise after taking blood donation.

What about blood clot? Blood clot is the condition where there is masses blood under the skin. This blood disorder is also caused by injured blood vessels.

The injured blood vessel of this condition is related to the trauma or hit incident. That’s why you don’t have to be worried about getting bruise after blood draw.

How Long Does Bruising Last After Blood Draw?

How much time do you need to wait bruise disappear? There are several weeks to wait a bruise fades. Well, you will need about two or three weeks for that.

Besides that, there is also discoloration changing of your skin during healing process. First of all, your bruise area will get blue black color that will change to the green.

After that, you will find yellow color on the bruise. This is the last of your bruise condition. It will eventually disappear and fade by itself.

Then, you have to know that bruise case is normal for blood donor. It is also harmless and cannot cause a blood clot.

That’s why you don’t need to worry or panic when finding bruise after giving blood donation or test. You can follow prevention above to reduce the risk of bruising after blood draw.