Bruising Easily Vitamin Deficiency

Bruise is a kind of injury in the body’s tissues caused by the broken of crack of blood vessels. Therefore, the blood flow from the cardiovascular system precipitates on the tissues around.

This condition is often called as hematoma without any tear on the skin’s outer layer. Bruise is commonly suffered due to the trauma from hit, collision, or suction along with the feeling of painful even if it is not dangerous.

The sediment of blood cells will pass through the phase namely phagocytosis and it will be recycled by macrophage. The appearance of blue or purple color is resulted from the conversion reaction or the change from hemoglobin to bilirubin. It is then conversed one more time into hemocyderin with its brownish color.

However, there is another cause of bruise that is not expected including the deficiency of certain vitamins and thromboses. Particularly for the vitamins, there are many kinds of vitamins that are needed by our body.

Lack of some of them can just make the metabolism cannot work well. Some vitamins play important roles in healing the wounds and processing the blood clots. The side effects are that you may suffer from some problems including the appearance of bruises even on some parts at once.

Bruising Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms

Actually, the appearance of bruises is not the only symptom your body is lack of vitamins. Other signs are depression, fatigue, bleeding gums, nosebleed, swollen of joints, and still many others.

You must pay attention more if the bruises are appeared along with some of the signs mentioned above. Aside from that, another cause of bruise is basically collision that has been mentioned before. Therefore, if you think you don’t have any experience of being hit or sucked and then the bruises come out suddenly, it can be a symptom of vitamin deficiency. Aside from that you must also pay attention to your habit and consumption.

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Are you busy enough so that you cannot eat nutritious foods in your daily life? If this habit has been done for weeks or months, there is a high possibility that your bruise is caused by the vitamin deficiency.

You may press the bruise area to know whether it is painful or not. If the bruise is disappeared after some days, it is probably appeared for another reason like collision while you are not realizing it. However, if it is no longer gone for weeks, doing medical checkup is a good idea to know the main cause of the bruise.

What Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency Cause Easy Bruising?

So, what are the vitamins and probably mineral that can cause the bruising? First of all, it is vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 along with folic acid produces the DNA of erythrocyte cells.

Therefore, the lack of vitamin B12 can make the bruise look much clearer than usual. Meanwhile, another vitamin deficiency that can cause bruise is vitamin C.

Vitamin C is very important in the process of wound healing and collagen formation under the skin. When your body is lack of this vitamin, the blood vessels can be more opened.

This condition makes the vessels can be easily broken; the same condition when you are being hit or collided. Sure, the bruise can just be appeared so suddenly.

When the appearance of bruise is along with other symptoms like fatigue, nosebleed, and bleeding gums, those can be clear evidences that your body is lack of vitamin C. Then, the deficiency of vitamin K can also cause bruising.

Vitamin K plays important role in the process of blood clots. When your body is suffered from lack of vitamin K, it will be easily bruised. The bruise is basically caused by the bleeding that is happened under the skin layer.

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When the bruise is already happened, the process of blood clots is obstructed. Sure, the way to avoid the bruising caused by those factors is adding the consumptions of those vitamins.

Interestingly, the vitamins mentioned above are largely contained in daily food ingredients including the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and even red meat. Another possibility of bruising if you think you have enough consumption of those vitamins is the deficiency of thromboses.

When the body is not able to produce thromboses properly, your body can be easily bruised. It is due to the obstruction within the process of blood clots. You can consume orange juice and more vegetables.

What Vitamin Is Good for Bruising?

Whatever the causes, the process of bruising formation is just the same. It is when the blood vessels are broken or cracked so that it enables the blood to come out and precipitate.

The lacks of vitamins B12, C, and K are being the factors why bruises can appear so easily. It means that the way to heal this disease is by consuming foods that contain those vitamins as well.

Vitamin B12 can be found from the following foods; nuts, sea foods, red meat, egg, cheese, milk, yoghurt, and seaweed. Then, vitamin C can be found from many fruits like orange, berries, pineapple, kiwi, red pepper, broccoli, guava, grapefruit, and still many others while the sources of vitamin K are broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, strawberry, avocado, plum, dairy products, egg, salmon, nuts, and some others.

Interestingly, if you have bruise due to another cause like being hit or collided, it can be cured as well by consuming those foods regularly. Sure, it is also by applying outer treatment like compressing the bruise with warm water and so forth.

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Those vitamins are undeniably playing many important roles in term of forming new blood cells and fasten the process of blood clots. Therefore, even if you are healthy enough, don’t forget to consume those nutritious foods.

What Vitamin Do I Need if I Bruise Easily?

Sure, is clear enough. The main causes of bruise despite being hit or collide are due to the vitamin deficiency. Those vitamins are vitamin B12, C, and K. Those vitamins are mainly functioned to form the blood cells, enclose the wound, and heal it.

The deficiency of those vitamins probably doesn’t give you any visible symptoms. However, when it is continuously happened, it can give some problems of metabolism process. One of the symptoms that the metabolism process is disturbed is the appearance of bruise. More than that, each of those vitamins has other functions.

Vitamin B12, as an example, this vitamin along with folic acid forms the DNA of erythrocyte. The lack of this vitamin can cause the bruise and even it makes the bruise looks more visible than usual.

Then, vitamin C helps your body in healing the wound. Meanwhile, it is also very helpful in forming the collagen under the skin. Based on that fact, the blood vessels can be more sensitive and easily cracked when you are lack of this vitamin.

When the blood vessel is cracked or broken, the bruise can just be suddenly appeared. Meanwhile, vitamin K is important in the process of blood clots so that the bruise can be easily appeared with the lack of this vitamin.