The Best Essential Oils For Bruises

Do you have bruises on your skin?

As we know, having bruises on our skin will make our appearance looks weird.

Moreover, it can make us feel uncomfortable. The problem which usually happens is, we have no idea about how to get rid of it. So, to help you treat the bruises on your skin, we will share you some essential oils for bruises which you can try to vanish the bruises.

Here, these essential oils are considered to boost the process of recovery.

What Essential Oils Are Good for Bruises?

Besides treating the bruises, these essential oils also have a capability to boost the healing process, reduce the pain, and also inflammation. These essential oils are;

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1. Lavender Oil

This is one of the best essential oils which you can choose to treat your bruises. There are some medicinal properties which have beneficial effects in this oil. Moreover, Lavender oil is the oil which has gentlest acting and doesn’t give any negative effect. Because of it, this oil will be perfect oil which you can try – especially for children. In addition, Lavender Oil is not difficult to find. So, if you have bruises, this oil may will be the first one that you take.

2. Geranium Oil

This oil, is considered to have a capability which can stimulate the new tissue – changing the damaged tissue on your skin. Moreover, Geranium Oil can increase the circulation to your bruises. Besides, this oil also has a capability to reduce wrinkles and fight infection. By utilizing Geranium Oil, the process of healing will be much faster. However, you may feel a little inflammation. But, you don’t need to be worried because it doesn’t affect your bruises significantly.

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3. Cypress Oil

If you haven’t heard about the effect of Cypress Oil, you can prove the effect of this oil right now. Here, Cypress Oil has some substances which have a capability to treat minor wounds. Moreover, it can also relieve eliminate cellulite, stretch marks, and varicose veins. This oil works by stimulating the blood flow and preventing it from pooling. In addition, Cypress Oil can prevent the blood clotting of the bruises as well.

4. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil contains a number of anti-inflammatory compounds and powerful antioxidants. Here, this oil has a capability to improve your immune response to the bruises. Moreover, Rosemary Oil can also reduce the oxidative stress and help your body lower inflammation. Because of the good effects, this oil will boost the process of recovery.

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How to Use Essential Oils for Bruises?

After knowing the essential oils which can be used to treat the bruises, now you need to know how to use an essential oil. Here, the first thing that you have to do is compress the area of bruises. You can use some ice cubes in this time. But, make sure that it doesn’t make a direct contact to the bruises. Which means, you should place the ice cubes in a plastic wrap or something else. Why? Because if you directly place an ice cube onto your bruises, it will make a bad effect to your skin later on.

After compressing the bruises, now you can use one of the essential oils for bruises with carrier oil. Here, the carrier oil is used to give an additional treatment. Use the combination on the bruised area. Then, gently massage your skin.