How To Heal A Bruise?

Healing bruises can help you to be a more confident individual because sometimes physical appearance gets you everywhere.

For example, if you are a public figure going to have an appearance in front of many people, having a bruise on your face will be a distraction.

If you are an athlete who gets bruises on the arms or the legs; the pain you get from having some bruises will slow down your training.

Before healing your bruise, you should see how bad your bruise is. Bruises gained from minor injuries will not need any medical attention from a doctor. There are several things you can do as the first aid for healing your minor bruises:

  • Let the muscle rest
    The pain caused by the bruise can help you to think that resting yourself for a while is the best first solution. Resting the muscle area where your bruise is located helps it to reduce the growing pain. For example, the bruise you get on your arm will be much faster to heal if you do not lift heavy things in the healing time.
  • Applying ice to the bruise
    With a bag full of ice, you can compress your bruise because the coldness from the ice can compress the wounded blood vessels, helping the bruise to not getting bigger and the pain to be eased. You can apply the ice on the bruise for about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Using bandage as compression
    Pressuring the bruised area with a proper bandage remains very important to do because the bruise strikes the inside part of the body. Used elastic bandage seems to be the only proper pressure for the bruises appear on the body parts such as the arm and the leg.
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How Long For A Bruise To Heal?

How To Heal A Bruise?The bruise can be healed for no longer than two weeks if, like written above, the bruise is only the cause of minor injuries. The first effect of a bruise can be visibly seen by the turning of the skin surface into a reddish one.

You always notice that after several days, the bruise turns into a blackish or dark-bluish spot, and it is because the hemoglobin in your blood vessel changes. Two weeks top, your bruise will disappear from the surface of your skin, and you will have the skin as it was.

There are four situations that you should take into notice to see how long for a bruise to heal: the age, the collision, the area, and the disease. The first situation is the age of a bruised person. Simply put, the older you get, the harder it is for the bruise to disappear. The younger people have a more elastic skin while the older ones have a more fragile skin.

Secondly, if the collision at first was too strong, then the bruise is longer to be healed or disappeared. The third one is the area of the body where the bruise is located. If it gets near the bone and it caused a fracture, then it is longer to be healed.

The last situation is concerning your health history. Having a history of a blood disorder disease or issue will make your bruise not only harder but also longer to be healed by yourself. If it does not disappear and the pain on the bruised body parts are not going away, then you will need medical attention from a doctor.

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Why Do Your Bruise Take So Long to Heal?

To heal the bruise that is not easy and fast to disappear sometimes is difficult because you do not know why the bruise heals slowly. Commonly, you let the bruise be there and hurt you for a long time causing your confidence fades away for a moment.

In fact, knowing the cause and the length of time of your bruise to be healed can effectively help you to be more active. The causes of the bruise to be so long to heal may vary. If it is being looked at your lifestyle, you can surprisingly find that what you do can or cannot help you get it healed faster.

Smoking affects many different parts of your body, and this kind of a bad habit is somewhat affecting the healing of your bruise too because the blood supply is decreased and the blood tissue can be slower to repair. Consuming enough vitamin C from things like orange fruit and lemon helps the health and strength of your blood capillaries.

There are also several diseases that slow down the healing of your bruise including hematoma for those get bruised on the head, chemotherapy for cancer patients, and some medications that can thin the blood too much. The downgrade of your body health can make several or even a lot of new problems while your bruise healing is going on.

It might sound cliché, but exercising in the proper portion can help the blood pressure runs smoothly. Nevertheless, you should consider what kind of exercises you should do by looking at the area of your body to be bruised. If it is on the arm, jogging slowly is a good choice, but if it is on the leg, just do a warming-up set can never be harmful.

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How To Heal Bruise Faster?

As an ultimate decision for bruise healing, there are several ways you can use for healing your painfully ugly bruise a whole lot faster:

DIY way

You can get away the bruise faster if you do several things that are not only easy but flexible. Elevating the body part which gets bruised is the first simplest way. This solution can help to reduce the flowing of the blood to the bruised area.

The next easy thing to do is exposing the bruise to the sunlight. The sun is maybe one of the best natural healers that you should be thankful to have. The UV radiation is what makes the bruise getting faster to be healed because it kills bilirubin, one of the causes of the bruises.

Using medicinal healer

There are various medicines you can use for the bruised body parts of yours. The widely used Arnica gel is the widest choice to help you heal your bruise faster and make the visible bruise disappear faster.

You can just apply it on the bruised area and massage slowly until the pain goes away, and you can also take ibuprofen if you do not have time to massage your bruise for it is the most popular painkiller for your bruises.

At the very last, carefulness is the most important thing you will need to do from now to avoid getting bumped into something hard and then get bruised. But if at last, it has already happened, considering all of the things mentioned above can help you to be fit and confident again without any bruise on your body.