How To Get Rid Of Bruises?

In the world in which everything seems to move in the speed of light, this how to get rid of bruises article can be a gift. See, in the middle of our ow hectic daily activity we often absentmindedly lead ourselves to injuries.

Perhaps we are in a hurry and do not quite see where we are going and end up knocking a table on our way to the office, hit our knees on an accidental door jamb while we are on our midnight trip to the toilet, bump our hip to the corner of our dining room table, and so on. There are so many examples we can list in this paragraph, but no matter how lengthy the list becomes, all of those points have one thing in common – bruises.

It is true that in many of the aforementioned cases, the bruises cannot be considered a life-threatening condition. While recovery is certain, we cannot help but wince at the sight of it.

The raging purplish colored spots, sometimes red or even black and blue depending on the severity of the condition, as a result of injury is never a beautiful sight. It sure is painful, but although manageable, somehow the sight of it makes the pain ten times worse.

So how do we get rid of it fast? It seems to be the law to immediately place a cold compress or an ice bag over the problem area for at least 10 minutes several times throughout the day – right after you make contact with something hard.

This is found to be an effective way in reducing the swelling as well as toning down the discoloration that gradually emerges on our body. It is largely due to the cold from the ice or compress immediately restricting blood vessels around the problem area.

How Can I Get Rid Of A Bruise Faster?

How To Get Rid Of BruisesIt does not matter whether you are an athlete or just an ordinary person who happens to clumsily knock over the lamp on your bedside table on your midnight trip to the toilet, when the discoloration first appears, you immediately wonder how to get rid of bruises faster. You know how cold compresses can help, but you want to be absolutely sure that the grotesque black spots go away as fast as the pain.

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We all know how most of the time, the pain subsides faster, but the marks somehow linger for a longer period of time. The prospect makes you wary and despite having applying cold compresses regularly, you want to give another method a try.

In order to heal discoloration and inflammation at a fast pace, you must consume pineapple as its bromelain enzyme has the ability to fade the bruises away. Apply ice bags for a few times, apply a mix of warm water and vinegar to instantly treat the blood clot, and then wrap a plastic elastic bandage in order to adequately control the blood leakage in your damaged tissue.

These steps are effective in helping accelerate your healing and also prevents the bruises from spreading.

Does Toothpaste Get Rid Of Bruises?

It seems for every ailment, there’s always a home remedy that people swear by. The same can be said for bruises. Toothpaste is surprisingly on the list of natural home remedies that is found to be effective.

So the next time someone asks you for a tip on how to get rid of bruises quick, you may advise them to apply toothpaste to the problem area as it has been scientifically proven to be able to calm inflammation. Not only that, when combined with a pinch of salt, toothpaste also has the ability to heal the discoloration marks on the body.

Does Vinegar Get Rid Of Bruises?

Vinegar is also on the list of home remedies to get rid of bruises effectively. It’s largely due to the fact that vinegar contains substances that may enhance blood flow that is close to the surface of the sufferer’s skin.

Vinegar is also found to be able to provide support in the process of dissolving collected blood in the area of the bruses. But how to get rid of bruises using vinegar?

Simple. All you have to do is make a mixture of warm water with a few drops of vinegar, then apply it directly on the bruise with a gauge.

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Does Coconut Oil Help Bruises?

It’s not a secret that coconut oil has so many health benefits, which is hardly surprising that it also has the ability to heal bruises. When you decide on using coconut oil as your natural home remedy, you must ensure that the coconut oil you use is a virgin coconut oil.

So how to get rid of bruises with this wonderful oil? It’s easy, all you have to do is apply the oil directly to your bruises and gently massage to until the oil is absorbed.

Not only does it help heal the bruise, it also helps repair your damaged tissue.

Does Arnica Get Rid Of Bruises?

Arnica has long been considered as the best natural home remedy for those dealing with swelling and pain that are highly associated with bruises, sprains and many more. This may be surprising as majority of us only know it as a herb that is commonly used as a flavor-ingredient for puddings, candy, and baked goods.

The active chemical compounds which are found in Arnica act as an antibiotics, hence its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. Better yet?

What To Eat To Heal Bruises Faster?

As you try everything to heal your bruises from the outside, it’s important for you to also pay attention to what you are eating. Yes, consuming the right food and supplement may help aid healing.

While many answers to how to get rid of bruises typically only cover cold compresses and a few home remedies, the internal means are often overlooked. Who would have thought that a tropical fruit as tasty as pineapple actually has a powerful healing power?

Yes, pineapples contain a marvelous enzyme called bromelain that has the ability to reach your damaged blood vessels and immediately digest the offending protein that is responsible for causing skin inflammation and bruises.

Taking 500mg of this enzyme is guaranteed to heal the bruise faster. Other than pineapples, chocolate and papaya are found to be beneficial as well.

Looking for vitamins to supplement your diet? Vitamin C and K are your friends.

How To Get Rid Of Permanent Bruises?

If you think bruises are horrific enough, imagine having to deal with what many refer to as “permanent bruising.” Many will wince at the thought of it and wonder if it is even possible for us to develop bruises which are permanent by nature.

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Given the fact that bruises are caused by bleeding under the sufferer’s skin which leads to the breaking down of blood resulting in discoloration, and is automatically cleaned up by our own immune system as the injury heals – permanent bruise does not seem right. To be exactly precise, to call it “permanent bruising” is a misnomer, however it is not a rare occurence to find bruises that last until 10 months.

However, if after an injury your bruises do not heal even after a long period of time, it is perhaps the time to reconsider your diagnosis. More often than not, you are not dealing with bruising – but rather, staining.

Unlike bruising, the discoloration in hemosiderin staining is due to the blood being traped in the damaged veins; and unlike bruising, staining is iron complex. The treatment is, undoubtedly, where it gets tricky.

Asking how to get rid of bruises when you are in reality dealing with staining may not lead you to the right answer. However, you are fortunate in that, despite the difference between two of the aforementioned conditions, bruises and stains have one common treatment: Vitamin K Oxide.

Various studies found that ointments and creams containing Vitamin K Oxide are capable of eliminating excess hemosiderin deposits and reduce inflammation.

How To Get Rid Of Bruises After Surgery?

Also referred to as contusion, bruises aren’t only the result of traumatic injuries such as listed above. It may also be caused by nutrient deficiencies which lead to a disorder in the natural mechanism of blood clotting.

Other than that, bruises may also appear as the result of surgical trauma – which is very common. It’s largely due to the fact that despite the surgeon’s best effort in cauterization during the surgery, some of those blood vessels which are located around the tissues and muscles will start to ooze again the moment the patient’s blood pressure becoming normal.

Post-surgical contusion is expected after every surgery.

This is the primary reason why medical practitioners always suggest cold compresses throughout the recovery in order to optimize the patients’ healing process, followed with consumption of anti-oxidant rich food, Vitamin C, as well as applying ointments containing Vitamin K.