What Cause Bruise On Legs?

Bruise on Legs pictureTrauma can causes bruise on legs or skin. Many things can cause the trauma.

However, commonly, bruise appear when our leg or skin is get bumped into something. When our legs get knocked and hit into something, the tiny blood vessel called capillaries will burst due to the bump.

However, the blood cannot get out from the skin and get trapped below the skin’s surface. The trapped blood below the skin’s surface will spread evenly and create an area that has a darker color than the other skin’s surface which creates the bruise.

Besides the bump, other factors cause the trauma and bruise on legs. Bruise on the leg can be caused after your skin gets cut or burned.

When you get cut, the wound will be the exit way for the blood. However, the skin will do some procedures to cure the wound.

The wound will be closed. Sometimes, when the cut is quite deep, the bleeding continues although the wound has been closed.

The blood will be trapped below the skin’s surface and creates the bruise. When your skin gets burned, the heat will also make the trauma on the skin. When your skin gets burned, capillaries will also burst due to the heat. However, there is no way for the blood to get out then it will create the bruise.

Bruise on the leg can also be caused by excessive exercise. When you don’t manage your exercise well, it can cause damage the tissue below the skin’s surface.

It will create a tear in the blood vessel. The tear in the blood vessel will make the blood leaked out. Because the damage happens in the tissue, there is no way for the blood to get out of the skin and it will cause the bruise.

Why Do I Bruise Easily On My Legs And Hands?

The bruise on legs and hands can appear quickly, even when you don’t get any injury beneath the skin. Many factors can cause bruises on legs and hands.

The first common factor is related to the age. When you get older and older, you can bruise more easily than when you are young.

When you get older, your skin will get thinner. You will also gradually lose your layer of fat that protects you from the injury, and it will increase the possible chance of getting bruised.

When you get older, the blood vessel will also be more fragile. Your blood vessel can leak or burst easily, and it will create a bruise.

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Another factor that can cause somebody bruise easily is a nutritional deficiency. When you lack some nutrient such as some vitamins and minerals, you can get bruise easily.

Commonly, lack of vitamin C, K, B12 will be related to bruising. When you lack in Vitamin C, your skin and blood vessel cannot withstand the injury that can lead to a bruise.

When you lack in Vitamin K, it will influence the normal blood clotting that also can lead to a bruise. When you lack in some minerals such as zinc and iron, you will have a problem in wound healing that can result in bruise.

What Cause Unexplained Bruise On Legs?

Bruise on legs commonly is caused by the trauma injury. However, sometimes you can get some bruises on you your legs without a clear reason.

Suddenly, some bruises can appear in some areas of your learn unexpectedly and unconsciously. It is called unexplained bruise that can be caused by some possible factors.

The first factor that can cause an unexplained bruise on legs is the aging. The older you are, the more you get a high risk of unexplained bruise due to the thinner skin and fragile blood vessel.

Another factor is some disease, condition, or disorder in the body. There are some diseases or condition that can cause an unexplained bruise on legs such as Von Willebrand disease, Thrombophilia, Hemophilia, leukemia, diabetes and other diseases.

Some medication that you take can also become one of factor why you get an unexplained bruise, such as side effect of Aspirin, ibuprofen, chemotherapy, and other medication. When you are in the middle of diet plan, and you lose body fat dramatically, you are prone to get an unexplained bruise.

Fat is one of the natural body protections. When you lose your fat, you lose your protection that can lead you to get bruised.

What Cause Unexplained Bruise On Thighs?

Besides appearing in legs, commonly, an unexplained bruise can also appear on thighs. Unexplained bruising on thighs is similar with a bruise that appears in other places such as legs.

It can appear on thighs because the trauma is located in some areas of the thigh. Commonly, any bruises that appear are related to leaking blood vessel, so when bruise appears on the thigh, there is a leak in the blood vessel that located on the thighs.

Some factors can cause an unexplained bruise on the thigh. A minor injury that is not realized can create a bruise.

Sometimes the bruise doesn’t appear suddenly after the injury. It will wait for some moments until the blood vessel leaks the blood.

When there is no way to get out of the skin, it will cause a bruise.

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Excessive exercise such as running and heavy lifting also can cause an unexplained bruise on the thigh. In running heavy lifting, the thighs will work harder to withstand most of the burden.

It can damage the tissue beneath the skin, and it can affect the blood vessel. It can cause the leak of the blood vessel and lead to the bruise.

Nutritional deficiency can also cause an unexplained bruise on the thigh. Some diseases that affect the blood vessel can cause an unexplained bruise on the thigh.

Why Do I Get Bruises On My Leg After Running?

Bruises on My Leg After RunningAmong many factors that can cause a bruise, excessive exercise like running has become one of the most common factors. After running, commonly some people will get bruises on legs.

The bruises that appear on legs are caused by the damage of tissue underneath the skin that will also affect the blood vessel. The damage can also tear the blood vessel.

The tear will make the blood come out from the blood vessel into some area underneath the skin. Because the damage is only in the tissue, so the blood will be trapped below the skin and creates bruise on legs.

How To Treat A Bruised Leg?

When you get some bruises in your legs, there are some treatments that you do by yourself to heal the bruise on your leg.

  1. Cold compressWhen your legs get bruised, the first thing that you can do to treat the bruise is by applying the cold compress to the area where the bruise is found. You should wrap the ice cube with some things.Don’t compress the bruise directly using the ice because it will damage your skin. The cold compress aims to heal the trauma. It can also constrict the blood vessels as well as reducing the size of the bruise.
  2. Warm CompressA warm compress can also be applied to treat bruise on the legs. However, a warm compress is recommended after 48 hours.Warm compress aims to help the blood flow in the bruised area. The heat will clear away the damage blood cell in the bruised area and heal the bruise faster.You need to consider the heat that is applied. Don’t make it too hot for the skin.
  3. Elevating the Bruised LegElevating the bruised leg can also one of effective treatment that can help to heal the bruise. Elevating the bruised leg aims to restrict the blood flow.By elevating the leg, you can help the swelling go down quickly. You need to lie down and elevate your bruised leg about the heart as much as possible within the first 24 hours.
  4. Taking OTC MedicineTaking OTC medicine such as Acetaminophen can be the best option for pain relief. You need to avoid some anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin that can increase the bruise.
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How To Get Rid of Bruises On Leg?

using vinegar which can increase the blood circulation in the bruised areaIf you suffer from bruises on the leg, there are some effective ways that you can follow to get rid of bruises. Those ways can help you treat and heal the bruise quickly and naturally.

The first way is by using vinegar which can increase the blood circulation in the bruised area. You can apply the vinegar on the bruised skin or include the vinegar in your diet.

You can also add vinegar to warm water and apply to the bruised skin. By repeating the treatment twice a day, you can get the faster result.

Besides vinegar, you can also use vanilla to get rid of bruises on the leg. You can directly apply the vanilla extract to the bruised skin, and it will help you relieve the pain, irritation, and get faster healing process.

Castor oil is also believed as an effective natural remedy for bruises on the leg. The anti-inflammatory properties that contained in the oil will help in healing the bruises.

You can simply apply the castor oil to the bruised skin. It can effectively prevent the discoloration and give an instant result within hours.

Onion also has anti-inflammatory properties that are very effective in healing the bruises on the leg. You can directly apply a small slice of onion into the bruised skin, and it will help you recover the damaged skin cells, sprain, and swelling.

How To Cover Up A Bruise On Legs?

When you have a bruise on legs, it will decrease your confidence because commonly, people will focus on the bruise. You need some days until the bruise completely disappears.

Unless you just want to say in your house, you need to do something to cover up the bruise on legs. Some ways can you do to cover up a bruise on legs.

First, you can apply makeup to the bruise. You can apply heavy foundation that matches your skin color.

It can be a good option for you who have a bruise in some areas of the leg that cannot be covered by pant. Commonly, women will use this way when they still want to use mini skirt when they have a bruise on their legs.

One of the easiest ways to cover up a bruise on legs is to wear something that can cover the bruise such as trouser and shoes. It can be a good option for you who don’t want to apply some makeup.

You still can do your activities outside although you have some bruises on your legs. There are models that you can use, so you don’t get bored by wearing the trousers all the time until the bruises on legs disappear.