Are Bruises A Sign Of Leukemia?

Do you ever have bruises? Could it be leukemia bruises which indicate leukemia disease?

We assure everyone at least got it once. You seem to be curious how leukemia bruise looks like.

We often heard that people suffering leukemia is easily bleeding. The blood and bruises are hard to recover.

This happens because of the low levels of blood clotting due to low platelets. As we know, platelets are the cells to help the blood to clot.

Besides, there are other symptoms such as fatigue easily, unexplainable weight loss, internal swelling, narrow breathe and cough for a long time, and more.

In case if you experienced random bruises that you even cannot explained it too, then you come to the right place. Find the answer here.

Spot the real leukemia bruises quickly before it is too late. Recognizing the symptoms early is helpful to get a faster diagnosis.

This is not to scare you but to make you more alert, especially when it is related to leukemia bruises painful. It is even better since there are also more factors you need to know as well.

What to do first is by noticing how it differs to regular dark marks. These are more explanation for you.

Difference Between Normal Bruise And Leukemia Bruise

Basically, bruise is reasonable thing people encounter but if it happens too often and in places that are not prevalent then you should be more vigilant.

You do not worry when it comes to normal bruises. It can recover in relatively a short time.

However, leukemia needs more consideration by seeing characteristics of the bruises thoroughly. You may see it look alike to normal bruises so it is quite difficult to judge only by the appearance.

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It can be seen if leukemia bruise is more than normal. The difference between normal bruise and leukemia bruise can be determined in leukemia bruises symptoms.

  1. They usually occur in unusual place.
  2. The bruises usually occur unexplainable without any history of injury or fall.
  3. It appears in long period, maybe for weeks and more.

In addition, there will be also other symptoms seen from skin’s surface that resembles skin rash and red spot. Rash may look similar to traditional rash but it is different.

The dark colored spot is manifested as lumps in the skin cell whereas the red spots are caused by broken blood vessels. There are not enough platelets to clot the blood.

In general, that are what can be observed in abnormal bruises or rashes. What to do then when you find the symptoms?

Do not need to be panic. Although you assume you have leukemia symptoms by noticing the bruises, you need to seek for the possible causes first.

Looking from the bruises, it can also be signs for other conditions. You need to find out if there is an allergic reaction or injury you may experience.

After you see it does not go away and becomes severe, you can see a doctor for more detail.

What Does Leukemia Bruising Look Like In Adults And Children?

Leukemia Bruises pictureAccording to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), stated about nine children per 100,000 ages 1-4 were diagnosed with the disease.

In 2016, there were new cases about 60,140 people diagnosed with the disease in the United States. In the same year, 14,130 males and 10,270 females are expected to die from leukemia.

We should be happy and keep supporting too if the survival rate for leukemia have been improved for decades. 91.2 percent for children and adolescents younger than 15 years, and 92.9 percent for children younger than 5 years for all types of leukemia.

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As you know, leukemia can affect anyone including children. Although adults are more diagnosed with it, this cancer is the most common type affecting children.

So how it looks like are,

  1. The bruise is large beyond than injury caused like minor collision on the table
  2. Suffer from nosebleed longer than normal
  3. It takes more times to heal
  4. Bleeding gums
  5. Excessive bleeding after surgery
  6. Leukemia bruises in babies who have not started crawling, climbing, or walking
  7. In teenager, menstrual periods that last more than 7 days or heavy menstruation for more than 3 days.

Thus, the general characteristics can be concluded for both adults and children.

Those are the signs as the result of low platelets counts only. It means you cannot see it as the only signs to judge someone suffering leukemia.

You need to get further information related to types, symptoms, and treatment, if necessary.

Where Does Bruising Occur With Leukemia?

To differentiate with normal bruises, we can say leukemia bruises symptoms are based on unusual place. The answers for the specific places are back, legs, and hands.

Moreover, for children, it can be in face, buttocks, ears, chest, and head too.

Since leukemia causes bone marrow to produce more white blood cells, people suffering leukemia usually have unusual amount of bruises, especially on the back.

The excessive bruises are followed by longer times to recover. In normal bruise caused by injury, it can heal 2-4 weeks.

On the contrary, it is abnormal when you have bruises to heal more than 4 weeks. It can lead to a serious concern or disease like leukemia.

The process is simple. The more damaged blood vessels, the more you get easily bleed even from small injuries and cuts.

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Beside it heals in a longer time, it is difficult to stop. It can appear in non-injured body part too such as nose and gums, as we stated previously.

To make clear especially in the previous leukemia bruises symptoms, you cannot blame that every random bruises appeared becomes part of leukemia signs.

There are some causes or factors to know. You can see if medical conditions and lifestyle also influence people with random bruises.

What Causes Bruising In Leukemia?

In treatcurefast, if you see the random bruises appeared after you woke up, there are some causes possibly underlying. It could be from medications like aspirin and ibuprofen to lifestyle like UV radiation.

Not just about wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spot, the bruises also take place.

Furthermore, it can be also deficiency in vitamin C, K, B12 for stronger capillaries and natural aging process. In case of aging, it is served as consequences especially elder people.

The sudden bruises on the skin are reasonable, but caution must be taken. In terms of color, it shows the occurrence time of bleeding.

Then, the amount of dark colored spots could also be a marker on how large of bleeding you have.
Normally, platelets inside human’s body is about 150,000/mm.

Thus, the fewer the number of platelets such as 100,000/mm and under, the bruises will be more frequent and often appear. This is the dangerous part that may lead to leukemia.

In brief, there is basic information specifically on bruises you need to confirm. It is related to the exact form, difference with normal bruises, and causes or factors underlying.

It is great to be used as reference to get fast self diagnosis before being more intensive with your doctor. It can reduce your worry too as not all bruises lead to leukemia bruises.