Makeup to Cover Bruises

The presence of any bruises, splotches and scratches can in some visible places on your body like face, hands, and legs can definitely make you feel less confident. Bruise marks often bother you when you have to join any activities that require your appearance like being photographed or something like that

You do not need to worry, since there are many ways to cover your bruises on your face, hands, and legs. You can cover the bruise using makeup or implementing other tricks without makeup.

This article will show you how to use makeup to cover bruises and how to cover bruises without make up.

How to Cover a Bruise With Makeup?

Bruises can appear either on your face, hands, or legs, and the ways you should treat them are a little bit different. The following information will show you how to cover those bruises.

1. Makeup to Cover Bruises on Faces

One of the most effective way of covering bruises on your face is by applying concealer. You can start by applying a layer of it which is lighter in color than the natural skin tone of yours.

First, make sure that the concealer perfectly covers the entire bruise. To make it blend perfectly, you can pat the concealer using either makeup sponge or finger tip.

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After the concealer cover the bruise well, the next step to do is applying one layer of foundation. Applying foundation on top of the concealer will give more coverage to the bruise. Similar to the way you apply concealer, you can either use a sponge or your finger tip to blend the foundation an put it into the intended area.

The final step is dusting the translucent powder on top of the concealer and foundation application. The use of translucent powder will help you to make sure that the makeup you have previously applied will stay in place.

For more tips on how to cover bruises with make up, you can check some reliable websites.

2. Makeup to Cover Bruises on Hands

Covering the bruises that appears in your hands can be done by applying the foundation. However, it is important to remember that you must not use your regular lotion, since lotion can prevent the foundation in staying perfectly on your hand skin.

Therefore, you should avoid using lotion, at least in the area of the bruise where you will apply the foundation on. The appropriate foundation to cover the bruise that appears in your hands is a heavy foundation.

Do not forget to firstly make sure that the foundation is suitable for your skin tone. Blend the foundation on the bruise using your fingertip.

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If your bruise is quite dark, you can also use concealer. To apply the concealer, you can just blend it by gently tap it using makeup sponge ore simply using fingertips.

A little trick to hide the dark bruise is by mixing a little bit of lipstick with your counselor to be applied on the bruise. The lipstick colour should be adjusted to your skin tone.

For your information, orange is the most-used lipstick color to hide the bruise. That color will result in a natural peachy or pinky tone if it is mixed with concealer.

3. Makeup to Cover Bruises on Legs

Not only bruises, but splotches and scratches often appear on our legs. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can do to hide that irritating mark on your own.

If you want to cover the bruises on your legs, you need to choose the right concealer depending on the bruise severity. Peachy car will work for purple bruise, while salmon color will be suitable to hide the blue bruise.

Meanwhile, if your bruise is brown or even dark black, you are suggested to apply a concealer. Make sure to gently tap it until it covers your bruise perfectly.

Reddish splotches can be easily hidden by the use of a little bit foundation over it. If the mark is caused by a small scratch, you are suggested to use an eyeliner brush, and make sure that it is clean, instead of using your regular concealer brush.

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More information on how to cover up dark bruises on legs can be found here

How to Cover Up a Bruise Without Makeup?

Covering the bruises is not always done by applying makeup. Instead, it can also be done by using various accessories or clothes that can hide your bruises well.

The very first thing to do is considering the area where the bruises appear, and see what kind of clothing or accessories that can be used to cover it up well. For example, a long pants or maxi skirt can effectively cover up the bruise on your legs, although it is sometimes uncomfortable to use the maxi skirt during hot weather.

A scarf, headband and hat can also be used to hide the bruise that may appear on your forehead. Meanwhile, not only can a pair of pretty sunglasses hide the bruise on your eye, but it can also make you look more fashionable.

The next trick to deal with the bruises is by drawing people’s attention to another point. Wearing eye catching accessories like long earrings and beautiful necklace can put away people’s attention from the bruise, although those accessories do not cover the bruise like the makeup do.