How to Treat Paintball Bruises?

Just like the name, paintball bruises are kinds of bruises commonly suffered by the paintball players. It is actually much better if you can avoid the paintball hit.

However, it is not something possible particularly when the intense of the game is already high. The effect is clear; just after the games ended; many players may find the bruises on many parts of their body.

The worse thing is that the bruises are not small; they tend to be large as the paintball is not tiny as well. Before talking about how to treat the paintball bruises, it is important to know how the bruises can appear.

When your body is hit or collided by something, the outer skin is probably not wounded due to the fact that the skin is quite strong and elastic but the wounds are appeared under the skin. The blood vessels tend to be fragile so that they can be broken or cracked easily.

The trauma makes the blood comes out from the vessels and is precipitated. It is not something dangerous for sure. However, you may suffer from the pain for several days.

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To treat the bruises is so easy. Actually, you can just let it be and the bruise will be disappeared by itself.

However, if you want to get rid of faster, there are some ways you can do. The first is by compressing the bruises with cold water or the ice blocks.

Besides, you can also drown the part of body with bruise with warm water. Smearing topical cream or kitchen remedies like olive oil and Aloe Vera gel is also considered as very effective to remove the bruise.

Make sure also to consume healthy foods that contained vitamin B12, C, and K. Those foods are fruits, vegetables, milk, dairy products, nuts, and red meat.

What to Put on Paintball Bruises?

There are some things that can be put on the paintball bruises as the first aid. As it has been mentioned above, cold water is the best thing in general.

You can drown the towel on the cold water and then put on the bruise. Another idea is by covering some ice blocks and then put it on the bruising area.

Some remedies that can be used to solve this problem are olive oil, onion paste, and Aloe Vera. Interestingly, there are now some brands that release topical cream to get rid of the bruise whether it is small or the big bruise caused by paintball.

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How Long Paintball Do Bruise Last?

It is actually quite difficult decide. It is by considering that the ability of someone’s body in solving the problem must be different from one to another depending on the general health’s condition. Meanwhile, the metabolism also plays so many important roles for the blood vessels to recover.

Common bruise in which the size is small enough may take three to four days to recover in general. However, there are some people who take longer time than that like around a week.

Therefore, paintball bruises may take longer than that. It is for around one to two weeks. However, if you do some treatments like have been mentioned before, the time period to recover can just be faster.

It can be concluded that the paintball bruises can last by depending on so many factors. But in general, it one to two weeks is the time period how normal people can just find the paintball bruises are recovered.

How to Avoid Paintball Bruises?

The more professional and experienced you are, it can be easier for you to avoid the paintball to hit you. Of course, this is the most important way to avoid the bruises.

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It is not exaggerated also to say that you must do the exercises regularly to ease yourself in avoiding the ball. Learning more about the tricks and playing smarter is not only the key to win the games.

More than that, it is important to avoid the trauma for being hit including the bruises. However, it is surely not enough. In fact, there are times where the professional players are hit by the paintball.

So, what is the next tip? It is by wearing protective clothing. Make sure that you always wear the necessary hear including the protector for face, long-sleeved wear pack, long pants, boots, goggles, and the others.

The long sleeves and long pants are probably not enough to protect your body completely from the ball attack. Yes, it is since those clothes are thin enough.

However, it is still better the wear them rather than the short ones. it is even not bad to buy gears for paintball that are qualified and even expensive as long as your safety is guaranteed.