Torn Acl Bruising

What is the difference between an acl sprain and tear

Torn Acl Bruising

Torn ACL (also called Knee Sprain or Torn Ligament) Symptoms of a torn ACL include knee pain, swelling, stiffness, and bruising. Walking is painful and the knee feels instable. The feeling of instability is caused by the bones in knee joint sliding too far (this can result in damaged cartilage).

How Long Does Acl Tear Surgery Recovery Take?

The ACL recovery process is long in order to limit your risk of reinjury and to give you the best chance of returning to your chosen sport. Most athletes will require 6-8 months of hard work with a physical therapist and/or athletic trainer. Some athletes might need more than 12 months to recover from ACL surgery.

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When Does A Partial Acl Tear Require Surgery?

Treatment of an ACL tear is most dependent on how much knee instability is caused by the injury. Therefore, there is no critical cutoff in terms of how much of the ACL is torn. Most surgeons base a decision on how much instability the injury has caused. If the knee is unstable, then surgery is recommended.

How Do Acl Tears Happen?

ACL tears usually occur as a result of a twisting movement when your foot is in contact with the ground. The main symptom on the field of a torn ACL is usually sudden pain in the knee.

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