What Causes Unexplained Bruises?

Common bruises often appear because someone fall or bump into hard thing. However, some people also often experience the unexplained bruises; there are several reasons, which can cause this kind of bruises.

First, the age factor can be the most rational reason behind it; when people get older, the blood vessels tend to become weak. As a result, adults often get constant bruising in certain areas such as at the back of hands or arms.

This kind of unexplained bruises called as actinic purpura; it usually starts with red flat blotches only. Eventually, the color becomes purple; it turns in deeper color at first but then will fade away.

The second reason is that unexplained bruises actually the sign of your body that you need more nutrients. The deficiency of vitamins as well as mineral can lead to the appearance of bruises; it is because these nutrients have important role in the process of blood clotting as well as to heal any wound.

To be more precise, you need to supply your body with enough vitamin C and vitamin K if you do not want to have unexplained bruises in your body anymore. On the other hand, the minerals you need included iron and zinc.

Besides that, supplying the needs of bioflavonoids is also one important thing you should not forget. Some examples of bioflavonoids are citrine, quercetin, rutin, as well as catechin; you can get these compounds easily by consuming certain foods such as any citrus fruits, sesame seeds, bananas, or even beetroot.

If those two causes is not the one you had, another possible cause is the Von Willebrand disease. It is a type of inherited disease, which affects the ability of blood to clot. As a result, people who suffer from this disease will likely to have bruises.

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Unexplained Bruises on With Pain

Bruises commonly last for 2 up to 4 weeks. During the first occurrence, it often accompanied by swollen skin areas or even pain, the pain normally will go after some days.

However, unexplained bruises, which are accompanied by painful feeling needs more attention to take care, moreover, if it also has larger area compared to any common bruises. It is possible that it includes in the compartment syndrome; this syndrome has the potential to be life threatening.

When you realize that there are also signs of infection around the skin area, which get the bruises, you really need to visit the doctor immediately. When the bruises also caused discomfort or tenderness to touch, it can lead into the symptoms of some diseases as well.

The first possibility is muscle strain. This condition happens when muscle is overworked, stressed, or even injured. The common cause of this condition is physical activities or labor.

Besides, it can also be side effect of using aspirin; this medicine can cause several side effects, such as nosebleeds, stomach pain, upset bloody vomit, as well as bruises. Therefore, you need to remember well whether you take some medications such as aspirin or not before the bruises started to appear.

Unexplained Bruises on Without Pain

Previously, we already shared some information if you experienced unexplained bruises with severe pain. Now, comes to the new topic that unexplained bruises also often experienced with no pain at all.

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One of the possible conditions is, that your bruises might be common bruises, which appears because of certain factors in not dangerous side. In other words, it can be only common bruises, which appears because there is injured par of your skin underneath the surface that your eyes can see; there are red blood cells leaking from the injured tissue, in result, it will cause dark red color to appear in your skin surface.

On the other hand, unexplained bruises are also the symptoms having by patient who suffers from diabetes as well. In diabetic patient, there is a tendency of his or her blood to develop patches brown or black skin.

This occurrence often appears in the area of neck as well as armpits; it is because of the excessive supply of insulin. Usually, bruises in diabetes symptom also accompanied by other symptoms as well; it includes blurred vision, excessive thirst, as well as fatigue, if you experienced all these symptoms at once, make sure to visit the doctor immediately to get the test.

Are Unexplained Bruises a Sign of Cancer?

When someone got unexplained bruises, he or she often wonders about the cause. Not to frighten you if you had this condition as well, but unexplained bruises often related to the possibility of getting cancer.

To begin with, bruises actually presence when small blood vessels under the skin tear, it eventually cause blood leaks, which then show purple or dark blue color in skin surface as cited from Wikipedia. Since it caused by the condition of blood flows, there is also possibilities that bruises has a relation to other diseases related to blood as well.

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The first possibility is the bleeding or clotting disorder. It includes hemophilia, thrombocytopenia, as well as Von Willebrand’s disease.

Besides that, it also has the possibility to have relation with a type of cancer such as myeloma, Hodgkin’s disease, as well as leukemia. To be more sure, it will be wiser for you to have a test from the doctor to see whether your unexplained bruises are the sign of cancer or not.

How to Treat Unexplained Bruises?

It does not matter whether it is bruises with clear reason or even unexplained bruises, both of them needs immediate treatment. If you suffer from unexplained bruises, you just need to finish reading this point, as we will share you about home remedies you can use to take care of your bruises.

First, you need to take enough rest, give your body strength in the natural healing process; during this time, you can also give a help to your body by applying ice pack to the areas where the bruises appear. Do it for 2 up to 4 days.

If your bruises accompanied by swelling, you can wrap the areas around the mark by using elastic bandage. Besides that, it is also god to give massage near the bruising area; it can increase the flow of your blood there.

After taking a good care from the outside, you need to do well on the inside as well; make sure you consume enough nutrients, which can help the healing process. It includes iron, vitamins C, vitamins K, as well as minerals; you can use banana peel as well if you want to reduce the pain as well as the discoloration of your unexplained bruises.