What Causes Bruises on Skin?

Skin bruising might happen to anyone. A bruise itself is a skin problem that results as a skin discoloration. The appearance of blue or black mark is a result of damaged blood cells that collect near the surface of your skin and this is what we call as a skin bruise.

Most people get a bruise by bumping into something or the opposite. Yet, it is not the only reason why people get a bruise on their skin.

As mentioned before, the simplest reason why people might get unexplained bruises are because they bump into something. However people probably fail to recall the accident.

Skin bruises might also appear in athletes or weight lifters when they exercise a lot. Those bruises come after a damaged microscopic of blood vessels that occur under the skin.

Another group of people who might get the bruises are the elderly people. The bruises can appear on their skin as the result of a thin skin caused by their age.

For your information, as people are getting older, their skin is also getting thinner. As the skin is getting thinner, the tissues which support the blood vessels turn out to be more fragile.

That’s why elderly people get some bruises over the skin frequently. Another reason of bruises that needs some attention is a serious bleeding disorder that might be owned by some people.

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Some bruises might also indicate a serious bleeding disorder when the bruises come along with bleeding gums or frequent nosebleeds. The thing is that people have to be more cautious with bruises.

Some additional signs other than the bruises might indicate something serious. Other reasons behind bruises can also be caused by diabetes, family history, pale skin, or sun damage.

Talking about prevention of bruises, you need to consume healthy foods that contain several vitamins needed by the body.

Why Do I Bruise When I Scratch My Skin

Have you ever been in this condition before? This kind of condition can be just normal to some people. Yet, the bruises that come after scratching can be a symptom of a disease.

The common causes of that can be sign of vitamins deficiency or anemia. If it is caused by vitamin deficiency, you might lack of vitamin B12, C, K, or folic acid.

To heal the bruises that come right after scratching, you can try to take some multivitamins or iron tablets for several days. But when it doesn’t improve, you need to see a doctor to be evaluated more.

Thing to be noted is that you need to be aware of several kinds of bruises. Before you are panicking about it, better try to remember how often it occurs and for how long the bruises last.

You can try to improve the symptom as mentioned before. However, having a consultation with an expert is a must.

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What Causes Bruising Under the Skin?

Blood spots under the skin that look like bruises might not be the bruises that we know actually. It can be purpura.

If the bruises are caused by the injury, purpura doesn’t occur because of the same reason. Later, it is divided into two kinds.

Those two kinds are petechiae and ecchymosis. Pethiciae is caused by either a vascular problem or a skin disease which is inflammation.

The petechia are also different from the bruises and even doesn’t look like the bruises at all. The symptoms are tiny, flat, and color in red or purple.

That flat purpura is under 3 mm in large while ecchymosis is larger than 5 mm. In addition to purpura, there is no pain that comes along with the blood dots.

You can try to press the blood dots as it is another symptom of purpura. When the blood spots don’t turn out to be the original color of the skin, this might be the sign of purpura.

These blood spots can be caused by several reasons such as taking a specific medicine like blood thinners. An infection or called as sepsis is another cause.

To add, those blood spots can also emerge caused by inflammatory blood vessels and vitamin deficiency.

How to Treat Bruised Skin?

When you have a bruise, you might want to try some of these home remedies. To take care of the bruises, it is recommended that you give a remedy right after you see the bruises.

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The first one that you can try is to compress the bruises with an ice pack for about 20 up to 30 minutes. The amount of the time should be taken in order to reduce swelling and speed healing.

Thing to be noted is that you have to wrap the ice pack using a towel or something similar. You also need to apply it to the bruises area.

For this treatment, you can also use a bag of frozen vegetables if you do not have any ice pack. When you accidentally have large bruises on the foot or leg, elevating it during the first 24 hours as much as possible should be done.

If you think to take a medicine to heal the bruises, you can get acetaminophen. It can be taken to relieve the pain that you feel.

Take the medicine as instructed. Try to remember that you need to avoid taking ibuprofen or aspirin since they can make the bleeding last longer and better to take acetaminophen.

To make the black or blue color of bruises fade away, try to heat the bruises using a warm washcloth for about 10 minutes. This treatment is helpful since it increases the flow of the blood quickly.

Apply this treatment two or three times a day for a good result to improve skin bruising.