What Is A Bruise?

What is a Bruise?There is a case that you see discoloration around your skin. One of the possibilities is a bruise. The cause of bruise is various.

For example, a bruise appears because you are bumped into something. Moreover, it appears when you are doing specific exercises such as heavy lifting or vigorous exercises.

This is because your blood vessel under the skin suffered from microscopic tears.

How if it is unexplained appear?

You have to be careful because a bleeding disorder might cause it. It seems more dangerous along with nosebleed or bleeding gums.

Just notice your bed position, wrong position while sleeping can cause a bruise. The common case is in the elderly.

This is because of the condition of the skin. The older you are, your skin will be thinner, and as a result, the tissue under the blood vessel has become more fragile than in teenager or adult age.

You can see whether it is a bruise or not by seeing its color and characteristics. In the early phase, a bruise looks red.

After a few hours, it turns blue or dark purple. If you let it without any proper treatment, the bruise turns to yellow or green in a few days.

Tender is the main characteristic of a bruise. Sometimes, it feels pain when you push it, especially after a few days.

The pain will decrease when the color of the bruise fades away. As long as the bruise doesn’t damage your skin or there is any wound on the bruise, there will be no infection.

You just need to take standard treatment until the color fade away and gone.

Are Bruises Bad?

You need to check the condition of the bruise first. If there is no wound or injury around it, a bruise is not bad or dangerous.

You just need to do proper treatment, and it will be cured after a few days. What you have to do is applying a cold compress on the bruise around 10 minutes.

Just do it every day after the color fades away and finally gone and you don’t feel the pain at all. Even sometimes, it will be gone after a few days although you don’t treat it.

Then, you can keep yourself fully protected so you can limit the risk of a bruise.

When Are Bruises Dangerous?

But don’t underestimate this type of condition. There is a case that the bruises are dangerous.

You should go to the doctor when the bruise appears followed by swelling and extreme pain. You also need to curious with your condition if the bruise appears without any specific reasons or unexplained. It will be more dangerous along with nosebleed or bleeding gums.

Sometimes, it appears around the sensitive area such as toenail or fingernail. If it is so, you should go to the doctor and check the condition.

If there is no significant result after the proper treatment, you need to go to the doctor. In fact, in a serious case, the bruise doesn’t want to disappear after three weeks or even a month.

Types Of Bruises To Worry About

head bruiseThere are several types of bruises to worry about, and it seems the condition is dangerous. It is a must for you to go to the doctor right away before it is too late.

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First, there is a case that the bruise appears on the head. This bruise is commonly known as a goose egg.

Just check the condition of the person first. Just make sure that the person doesn’t blackout.

Next, ask him to tell what happened. If he can tell the story clearly, it means he is safe, and you can send him to the hospital for proper treatment.

In contrast, there is a condition when the sufferer doesn’t remember the accident. It means he is suffered from a concussion condition.

It is dangerous for the sufferer, and you have to send them to the emergency room right away.

Second, there is also a case that the bruise appears just above the eyes.

Although it looks okay and you don’t feel anything, this condition triggers black eye caused by the gravity.

Just check your eyes by moving it in all directions. If it is okay and you don’t feel any pain, it means you just need a proper treatment only.

On the other hand, if you feel pain when you move your eyes around, it is a must for you to check the condition to the doctor right away. It is said as in bad condition if you feel swelling and pain on the bruise.

In this condition, the doctor will suggest you take an X-ray to make sure that there is no broken bone around the bruise. If the bruise appears without any particular reason, the doctor will ask you to take a blood test.

If the bruise doesn’t disappear after three weeks or even more, it seems that you are in a dangerous condition. Just go to the doctor and let them give you the best medical treatment.

Hematoma VS Bruise

Hematoma pictureSome people are asking about the differences between bruise and hematoma. In general, bruise and hematoma are similar.

Damage vessel blood causes both of them, and it makes your skin looks red. After a few days, the color will be darker than before, and sometimes you feel pain around it.

So, what makes both of these problems different? You just need to use a cold compress to treat a regular bruise. The bruise will disappear after a few days, and it doesn’t pain anymore.

In contrast, a hematoma is also a kind of bruise, but it doesn’t disappear after taking the home remedy. Even, it is more painful after a few days.

Of course, a home remedy is not enough. You just need to go to the doctor for a further medical checkup.

In regular hematoma, the doctor will give you specific medicines. The medicine is to reduce the pain and the color of the hematoma.

You have to apply for the medicine on the hematoma every 6 hours until the pain gone and you don’t see any hematoma around your skin. If you are suffered from the bleeding problem, your doctor will take further medical treatment because using specific medicines will worsen the hematoma condition.

Types of Bruises and What They Mean

There are several types of common bruises you need to know. By knowing those bruises, you can also learn how to treat it properly to prevent serious side effects.

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First, there is a bruise known as muscle strains. The bruise appears when your muscles are overstretched.

You tend to suffer from this bruise when you are doing heavy lift exercises. Besides skin discoloring, sometimes you feel pain around the bruise.

You can treat it by giving ice compress, warm compress, up to anti-inflammatory medication.

Second, there is also a bruise caused by deficiency factor. This bruise commonly appears after taking surgery or injury. The symptoms are varied but one thing for sure that you will see unexplained bruise followed by internal bleeding.

It is mainly caused by specific diseases, medications, or autoimmune response. The doctor treats it by controlling the bleeding first.

Then, it is followed by treating the underlying condition and specific treatment before surgery.

Third, there is also a bruise caused by a low platelet count. The symptoms are various from a regular bruise such as red bruise known as purpura. It is followed by purple dots.

In the dangerous level, you will see blood in your urine or your stool. If there is an internal bleeding condition, you should go to the doctor for immediate medical treatment.

It can’t be cured only by the home remedy. This is concerning to the fact that you are also suffered from bone marrow problem which triggers serious bruise.

Fourth, there is also a bruise caused by paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria. This condition appears when your red blood cells break down too soon.

The common symptom is a bruise, and it appears without any clear reason or unexplained bruises. In the worse level, it triggers blood in your urine, headache, abdominal pain, shortness of breath.

What To Do For Bruises That Hurt?

Now, what if you feel pain on the bruise? You don’t need to worry and remain calm first. Try to relax by laying on a bed or sofa.

Now, try to straighten the part of your body especially those with the painful bruise. You may reduce the pain by using compress.

Try to compress it with ice or cold compress. It is also okay if you want to use warm compress as long as the pain drastically reduced.

You can let the compress there for a few minutes. While doing it, rest yourself and protect the bruising area.

After 48 hours, you should avoid something which can trigger swelling. Those are including hot shower, hot tub, or alcoholic beverages.

It is okay if you want to massage or rub the area around the bruise to reduce the pain and make you a little bit comfortable. If there is no significant impact after compress the bruise and you still feel the pain, you may use specific medications such as counter pain medicine.

You can find those medicines at the local pharmacies. What you need to notice that it is a must for you to follow the instructions on the label to feel the benefits.

How To Treat A Bruise?

If the bruise is considered as a regular bruise, you can take the home remedy. The first thing to do is preparing the items.

Those are including ice, plastic or bandage, and compress. Now, you have to put the ice to the compressor or the plastic.

Just make sure that there is no leaking on the plastic or the compress, so it doesn’t make your bruise wet. Wait until the plastic or the compress a little bit cold.

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Use the cold from the compressor plastic to treat the bruise. Apply it gently and slowly, so you don’t feel the pain.

You can apply this kind of bruise home treatment for 20 minutes up to 30 minutes. Just do it regularly twice a day.

This treatment is effectively reducing the pain and discoloration. If it is only a regular bruise, it disappears after a few days.

You may also buy specific medicine at the local pharmacies close to your living area. Commonly, it is in the form of a gel.

Just apply the gel on the bruise slowly based on the instruction stated on the label. Don’t use it too much because you don’t know the side effects yet.

If there is changing on the bruise in which it looks that the color fades away and the pain is reduced, you can continue the treatment. It seems that you have to apply such kind of medicine every 6 hours until the bruise is gone.

Normally, the bruise disappears after a few days, and you don’t feel the pain anymore. It will be a problem if it doesn’t disappear after three weeks or even four weeks.

Even, the condition is followed by chronic pain. If it happens to you, just go to the doctor for a further medical checkup and get the best treatment for the bruise.

How Long Does It Take For A Bruise To Go Away?

So, how long does it takes for a bruise to go away? It depends on the condition of the bruise itself.

Sometimes, the bruise is not dangerous at all, so it disappears after a few days even without any treatment. Moreover, you need to apply a cold compress for a few days to make the discoloration and pain gone.

Just be careful if the home treatment doesn’t give any significant impact and even triggers chronic pain. There is a possibility that it is more than just an ordinary bruise.

You have to go to the doctor right away if the bruise doesn’t go away after three or four weeks with proper home treatment. The doctor will take a specific test such as blood test, x-ray, or bone test to make sure the cause of the bruise.

Then, they will decide the best treatment to treat the bruise as well as the main problem safely with limited risks.

Is It Normal For Bruises To Itch?

Is It Normal For Bruises To ItchThere is a case that the bruise is an itch. Some people are a little bit worried about this unusual condition.

So, it is normal or okay if you feel itchy around the bruise. It is possible for bruise sufferers to feel itchy around it.

Histamine causes this condition. Histamine is a particular substance which released by your body to cause inflammation.

What you need to know that it rarely happens to a bruise. It is also possible that the bilirubin causes the itchy.

It is an automatic process in which the bruise itself produces the bilirubin. If you think that the itching disturbs you or make you uncomfortable, you can just go to the doctor for further treatment and to know the cause.

You can reduce the itchy by applying cold compress on the bruise. Just use this treatment until the itchy gone. Don’t scratch the bruise because of itchy because it worse the condition.